about us

About us

Testpreparationz.com is a Pakistan website where candidates can get preparation for various subject. Testpreparationz.com has multiple section candidates may move get preparation and get past paper of any subject or get MCQs of subject,  this website have different section for test preparation as given below:

ISSB is an exam where student usually give after graduation. In this section candidates can get all knowledge related to ISSB, the contents related to ISSB is not official content but its general content to give knowledge about ISSB to candidates. In ISSB section there is also multiple choices Likes

  1. Picture Story Writing
  2. Word Association test
  3. Pointer story writing
  4. Mechanical Aptitude test
  5. Sentence Completion Test

Intelligence test is most common test in various exams; in this website intelligence test is second section where candidates can get bundle knowledge about intelligence test. Here candidates have multiple choices about intelligence test they can test their performance giving online test. In intelligence test section there is two choices likes;

  1. Verbal intelligence test
  2. Non verbal intelligence test

This section also belong to ISSB content, here candidates goes to read theory about ISSB in previous sections of ISSB student prepared about test and give online test to check his/her progress but here candidates read all information of ISSB. This all information collected from various books and given students to read on one platform.

Commission test is common test in Pakistan, after graduation student prepared himself/herself for commission. ISSB is also part of commission but here in this section candidates may study related to CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC and so on. Here we have categories multi subject for candidates to get preparation for commission. Also we have give multi subjects MCQs and past paper of any commission test where candidates get hint about previous papers and easily follow the syllabus; some categories are given below;

  1. CSS test preparation
  2. FPSC test preparation
  3. PPSC test preparation
  4. SPSC test preparation
  5. KKPSC test preparation

We also providing Pakistan competitive exams, test preparation with all past papers in the form of MCQs, so individual candidates can prepare their for various entry test preparation with more easy and fun to way by attempting online test.

Candidates also search preparation for forces, this section give choice to individual candidates get preparation for forces likes;

  1. Pakistan Army
  2. Pakistan Navy
  3. Pakistan Air force
  4. Pakistan Police departments

Testpreparationz.com is developed to provide simple, innovative and online test/entry test preparation for all individual candidates. We are confident that testpreparationz.com will provides the best entry test preparation, commission test preparation and ISSB test preparation experience in Pakistan. It will help the individual students in test preparing better and getting and edge over the others.