sentence completion test (English)

sentence completion test (English):


  • Sentence Completion Test in ISSB is a part of Psychologist Test. This Test is also known as SCT. It is a personality Test in ISSB. In ISSB Sentence Completion Test a candidate is given a paper on which partial incomplete sentences are written and a candidate has to complete these sentences in his own words.
  • In ISSB, this test is taken by Psychologist to find out your personality traits and character. Sentence complete by a candidate is related to the candidate life.

Purpose of Sentence Completion Test:

  • Sentence Completion Test is used to analyze candidate thought, motives and attitudes and conflicts. A psychologist usually judges candidate personality by reading the sentences completed by a candidate.

The procedure of Sentence Completion Test in issb

  • The candidate is provided with a paper on which 26 partial incomplete sentences are written. You have to complete the sentences in 6 minutes. There are two pages given two you one by one. Both of which have 26 sentences on each to complete. So, the total sentences are 54.
  • Same situation is for Urdu Sentences too.


  • It is not necessary for a candidate to complete all the sentences but it is good to complete all sentences. Because it will show your resourcefulness. Be natural and true in completing the sentences. Because the sentence you complete is based on your own life(It is considered by Psychologist). 

Some solved Examples of ISSB Sentence Completion Test:

  1. Evil spirits – has evil thinking
  2. When he feels angry – he goes to the garden
  3. At night – there were stars on the sky
  4. His attitude – show the positive and make him strong
  5. He cools down when – he got angry
  6. His biggest sin is – based on false statement
  7. When in agony – someone never lose hope
  8. During trouble – he never lose hope and help others
  9. When he became poor – he will rise again
  10. When a girl sites alone – she think about his future.
  11. His problem is – solved by himself
  12. His greatest desire – is to survive for pak force.
  13. When he has power – he helps needy/poor
  14. Relation of man and women – is husband and wife
  15. His love for country – is true
  16. The mission of women – is work like a men in any organization
  17. In darkness – he try to sleep
  18. The greatest worry is – judgement of last day of life
  19. His habits – are help needy.
  20. The mood of the girls – was study for exam
  21. Boys and girls together – study well in collages
  22. The spare time – can be used for study
  23. The family planning is – under the world health organization
  24. The easiest thing in life is –   think about family
  25. Present education system – is computerize
  26. His moods depend on – situation.
  27. In the hospital many – patients treated well
  28. On seeing the blood – he took the first aid box
  29. He came to know that – he has passed the test
  30. If I was in his place – I did wait
  31. I think I can – face the challenges
  32. He is able to – face difficulties
  33. To achieve his proposal – he work hard for company
  34. He dislikes to do – hurts others
  35. In the end he – he completed assigned work
  36. The most valuable things in life is  – parents love
  37. It is quite natural that – the sun shines
  38. His mistake – can be difficult for others colleague
  39. The pay is – of his hard worked
  40. You should remember – that practice makes man perfect
  41. When he became rich – he helped poor more
  42. He offered me – to study together
  43. During his childhood – he was naughty
  44. Although he was young – yet he is good
  45. It is impossible for me – to hurt someone as known
  46. My future – will shine
  47. His attention – his work hard to achieve goal
  48. I have never done – horse riding
  49. It is part of life – to face difficulties
  50. He is popular because – he give best advice to others
  51. He enjoys to – play cricket
  52. Secret of life – never tell others
  53. Poor people – are mostly pure heart
  54. Social behavior – should be good for everyone
  55. His wish is – keep happy to his family.
  56. His friends are – very cooperative.
  57. Religious duties – are protect religion
  58. Normal character – should be positive attitude
  59. His courage – is very high for achieve goal
  60. His demand is – is reasonable
  61. New fashion – are designable/popular day by day
  62. Money is – to buy needy things
  63. His honor – is his education
  64. Increasing prices – should be controlled by Govt
  65. Bad habits – can keep bad way to person
  66. In his house – there is garden beside
  67. Logical thinking – resolve every difficulty
  68. Life teach – everything which you can teach from book
  69. In his young age – he start his business
  70. Ups and downs – are part of life
  71. He loves – his family
  72. It is due to – work hard
  73. My greatest fear is – from GOD
  74. Hard work – can never you lose hopes
  75. It he – will work hard he will achieve the goal
  76. He touched women’s leg – and made her bones fracture
  77. I daily – read news paper
  78. Our education system – is growing
  79. I seldom – think about my future
  80. I think that I am – positive mind
  81. Man should – respect women
  82. While childhood – he was very cute/naughty
  83. Modern science – rise from Quran Pak
  84. I regret – to refuse him
  85. At midnight – he feel thirsty
  86. Memories of youth – remains forever
  87. He has suffered – from fever
  88. The false statement – should not spoken
  89. The success – comes from hard work
  90. His blood – save a life
  91. People were – moving the office at morning time
  92. When in trouble – don’t lose your hopes
  93. Character of girl – is so positive.
  94. Hard work – is key to success
  95. One day – he went Dubai
  96. If you have money – you can buy your happiness
  97. Girls were – studying together
  98. In alone – he study well
  99. His parents – help him for education
  100. he touch the girl and – and save her from road crossing accident

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