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  • ISSB Word Association Test is also abbreviated as WAT and is part of ISSB Psychological Test. In this test various words are displayed on a projector and the candidates have to make sentences. This test is a very important tool for the psychologist to assess the personality traits of the candidate. By analyzing the words association of a person, they get to know what kind of person you are, what are your beliefs and dislikes, how do you behave to your surroundings and what is inside you.

Numbers of words:

100 words are displayed on the projector. Each page will have a space for 25 words.


The time devised to this test is very limited. Each word will be displayed for 9-10 seconds. If you’ll not be able to write a sentence in the given time, next word will be displayed.

Some solved Examples of ISSB word association test:

  1. Work:             hard work is a key to success.
  2. Atom:              An atom s the smallest particle.
  3. Country:         I love my country.
  4. Army:             People of our country admire Army very much.
  5. Step:                The chair tutorial has 4 steps.
  6. Company:      He has a good friends company.
  7. Love:               He loves his parents.
  8. Duty:               He was on duty.
  9. Girl:                The girls are playing.
  10. Eat:                 I will eat lunch later.
  11. Decide:            She decided to study further.
  12. Beat:               he beats his friend in chess match.
  13. Fight:              never fight with anyone.
  14. Lie:                  A lie will always be a lie.
  15. Give:               Please give me your address.
  16. Enjoy:             Kids enjoy playing in rain.
  17. Careful:          He is very careful about his future.
  18. Success:          Hard work is the key to success.
  19. Trust:              always trust your family.
  20. Solve:              He solved the puzzle.
  21. Story:              He is good in story writing.
  22. Break:             He enjoys tea at break time.
  23. Fear:               He fears to drive a car.
  24. Defeat:            His team was defeated in cricket.
  25. Enemy:           Make friends not enemies.
  26. Cut:                 Cut the fruits.
  27. Fail:                 Hard work leads to success.
  28. Tension:         Tension takes away energy. 
  29. Idea:               His ideas are innovative.
  30. Machine:        Machine is made by mind.
  31. Brave:             Our soldiers are brave.
  32. Humble:         He is nice and solid.
  33. Excuse:           Father excused him due to his truth.
  34. Short:             Children like short stories.
  35. Cannot;            we cannot succeed without hard work.
  36. Target:           Always set your target.
  37. First:               He is happy to be first in race.
  38. Garden:          Garden is full of flowers.
  39. Rumour:         Media clarify rumours immediately. 
  40. Nature:           Pakistan has a lot of natural resources.
  41. Lain:               A lie is responded by good bye. 
  42. Accident:        Traffic rules avoid accidents.
  43. Spend:            Spend time usefully.
  44. Sympathy:      Sympathy wins hearts.
  45. Old:                 They are old friends.
  46. Accept:           Accept the challenge.
  47. Sink:               Iron sinks but wood floats.
  48. Tense:             Tension takes away energy.
  49. Ditch:              Muslims won the battle of ditch.
  50. Home:             All livings defend their home.
  51. Shy:                 Brave never shy.
  52. Race:               Race with grace.
  53. Success:         Hard work brings success.
  54. Task:               Task is mission.
  55. Young:           Youths are future.
  56. Misery:          Resolve to end misery.
  57. Car:                 Car games are good.
  58. Enjoy:            I enjoy reading.
  59. Impossible:    Efforts overcome impossible.
  60. Last:               He succeeded at last,
  61. Make:              Make best use of the time.
  62. Matching:        I ply cricket match .
  63. Rule:                Follow the rules.
  64. Neglect:           Take care of elderly. 
  65. Offer;               He offers the prayers. 
  66. Sick:                Exercise to remain healthy.
  67. Pressure;          the car has pressure breaks.
  68. Protect:            Protect the nation.
  69. Quick:            Be quick but solid.
  70. Regarded:      He is regarded as a gentleman.
  71. Imagination: Imagination is as valuable as Intelligence.
  72. Truth              Truth overcomes all odds
  73. Admire           Admiration always boosts confidence.
  74. Early              Early decision in life makes a man successful.
  75. Strong            Children are the base of a strong nation.
  76. Curiosity         Curiosity adds to knowledge.
  77. Laughing  Laughter therapy is a new trend to come out from anxiety.
  78. Cry                 A brave man never cries in adversity.
  79. Discuss          Discussion always carries new ideas.
  80. Sympathy       Sympathy is a remedy for ill persons.
  81. Criminal          Criminals are usually reform able.
  82. House             A united house is the strength of the family.
  83. Sorrow            Joy always overcomes sorrow.
  84. Think              Imagination improves thinking.
  85. Character        Good character decides the destiny of a man.
  86. Sad                A company of friends overcomes sadness.

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word association test

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