List Commander-in-Chief or the Chief of the Naval Staff.

List Commander-in-Chief or the Chief of the Naval Staff

Pakistan Navy

Power : 63 Ships 101 Aricrafts
Employes/Troops : 35,000
Headquater : Islamabad
Chief of the Naval Staff : Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi
The Pakistan Navy came into the existence after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The Pakistan Navy is the naval warfare branch of Pakistan Armed Forces, responsible for Pakistan’s 1,046 kilometres (650 mi) of coastline along the Arabian Sea, and the defence of important civilian harbours and military bases. The President of Pakistan serves as the Supreme Commander of the Navy under Article 243 (2) of the Constitution of Pakistan, and the Chief of Naval Staff heads the Navy.

S.NOName.Appointment DateLeft Office
01James Wilfred Jefford15 August 194730 January 1953
02Haji Mohammad Siddiq Chaudhry31 January 195328 February 1959
03Afzal Rahman Khan1 March 195920 October 1966
04Syed Mohammad Ahsan20 October 196631 August 1969
05Muzaffar Hassan1 September 196922 December 1971
06Hasan Hafeez Ahmed3 March 19729 March 1975
07Mohammad Sharif23 March 197521 March 1979
08Karamat Rahman Niazi22 March 197923 March 1983
09Tariq Kamal Khan23 March 19839 April 1986
10Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey9 April 19869 November 1988
11Yastur-ul-Haq Malik10 November 19888 November 1991
12Saeed Mohammad Khan9 November 19919 November 1994
13Mansur-ul- Haq10 November 19941 May 1997
14Fasih Bokhari2 May 19972 October 1999
15Abdul Aziz Mirza2 October 19992 October 2002
16Shahid Karimullah3 October 20026 October 2005
17Muhammad Afzal Tahir7 October 20057 October 2008
18Noman Bashir7 October 20087 October 2011
19Muhammad Asif Sandila4 October 20113 October 2014
20Muhammad Zakaullah4 October 20147 October 2017
21Zafar Mhemood Abbasi7 October 2017Present..