Pakistan Affairs – Solved MCQs

Pakistan Affairs – Solved MCQs (Page-03)

(1) The first Muslim general entered Victorious in the sub-continent Indo-Pak in the year:
(a) 612 AD
(b) 712 AD
(c) 812 AD
(d) None of these

(2) On the execution of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the rule of Caliph ended and Arab princes in Mansura (Sindh) and Multan (Punjab) established their independent dynasties in Sub-continent in the year:
(a) 861 AD
(b) 871 AD
(c) 881 AD
(d) None of these

(3) Who became the first Sultan of newly established Muslim Sultanate of Delhi in 1207:
(a) ShahabudinGhuri
(b) Qatub-din Aibek
(c) Zaheer-u-din Babar
(d) None of these

(4) Who has written the book entitled “The Making of Pakistan”
(a) Qurashi I.H.
(b) Muhammad Ali Ch.
(c) Waheed-uz-Zaman
(d) None of these (K.K.Aziz)

(5) Who was first appointed Nazim of Nadva-ul-ulema in 1883:
(a) MaulanaShibli
(b) Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor
(c) Maulana Syed Muhammad Ali
(d) None of these

(6) Pakistan’s ideology is based on the ideals of:
(a) Democracy
(b) Theocracy
(c) Islam
(d) None of these

(7) Quaid-e-Azam called Islam “Our bedrock and sheet anchor” while
(a) Punjab Students Federation
(b) Muslim Students Peshawar
(c) Indian Muslims
(d) None of these

(8) The resolution for formation of All-Indian Muslim League was passed at the meeting of All India Educational Conference (1906) and was moved by:
(a) Nawab Viqarul Mulk
(b) Nawab Mohsinul Mulk
(c) Nawab Salimullah
(d) None of these

(9) The demand of separate electorate for Indian Muslims was first accepted in the Act of:
(a) 1909
(b) 1919
(c) 1935
(d) None of these

(10) The provincial governments of Congress resigned and All-India Muslim
League as a mark of relief observed the “Day of Deliverance” on:
(a) 22 Oct. 1939
(b) 22 Nov. 1939
(c) 22 Dec. 1939
(d) None of these

(11) The Lahore Resolution was amended and Pakistan was made an integral part of League’s objective. The amendment was made in the Annual session (1941) of All India Muslim League, which was held at:
(a) Karachi
(b) Lahore
(c) Madras
(d) None of these

(12) Radcliffe Commission submitted its formula for the division of India in to two countries to Lord Mountbatton on:
(a) 9 August 1947
(b) 19 August 1947
(c) 29 August 1947
(d) None of these

(13) Ch. Rahmat Ali, the architect of the name of Pakistan, died on:
(a) Feb. 2, 1951
(b) Feb. 12,1951
(c) Feb. 22,1951
(d) None of these

(14) Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, while addressing a meeting at Rawalpindi was assassinated on:
(a) Oct 6, 1951
(b) Oct 16, 1951
(c) Oct. 26,1951
(d) None of these

(15) The Legal Frame Work Order, which amended a constitution of Pakistan unilaterally was issued by:
(a) Yahya Khan
(b) Ayub Khan
(c) Zia-ul-Haq”
(d) None of these

(16) The country, which supported the Pakistan Movement before the emergence of Pakistan:
(a) Iran
(b) Indonesia
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) None of these

(17) Durand Line, which divides the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan is as long as:
(a) 2252 Km
(b) 2262 Km
(c) 2272 Km
(d) None of these

(18) Which mountain range is located between China and Pakistan:
(a) Siwaliks
(b) Hindu Kush Range
(c) Great Himalayas
(d) None of these

(19) What is the total area of Pakistan (Sq Km):
(a) 695095
(b) 795095
(c) 796096
(d) None of these

(20) The Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD) was established among Pakistan, Iran and Turkey in 1964 and was annulled in:
(a) 1969
(b) 1979
(c) 1989
(d) None of these

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Pakistan Affairs - Solved MCQs
Pakistan Affairs - Solved MCQs