Pakistan Current Affairs

Pakistan Current Affairs (Past Paper MCQs)

Who is the current permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations?
A. Sherry Rehman
B. Maliha Lodhi
C. Aizaz Chaudhry
D. Tariq Fatemi

Contract to operate Gwadar Port was given to __ .
A. United States
B. China
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Dubai

Iran to set up oil refinary in _ .
A. Gwadar
B. DG Khan
C. DI Khan
D. Quetta

Before General Elections 2013, who was the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A. Mir Hazara Khan
B. Najam Sethi
C. Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim
D. Rana Bhagwan Das

Who serves as the acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister?
A. Federal Senior Minister
B. Speaker National Assembly
C. Chairman Senate
D. Foreign Minister

General Elections 2013 were held on __ .
A. 10 May 2013
B. 11 May 2013
C. 12 May 2013
D. 13 May 2013

Pakistani film __ won best film award in United States.
A. War
B. Sargam
C. Lamha
D. None of these

Nawaz Sharif sworned in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on __?
A. 02 June 2013
B. 05 June 2013
C. 07 June 2013
D. 09 June 2013

President Mamnoon Hussain took oath on __ .
A. 05 September 2013
B. 07 September 2013
C. 09 September 2013
D. 11 September 2013

The newest district of Balochistan is __ .
A. Sheerani
B. Jhal Magsi
C. Washuk
D. Lehri

The first Pakistani woman to scale Mount Everest is _ .
A. Saba Khan
B. Samina Baig
C. Ayesha Ishaq
D. Shiza Bilal

Gomal Zam Dam has been constructed in __ .
A. South Waziristan Agency
B. North Waziristan Agency
C. Khyber Agency
D. Mohmand Agency

Gomal Zam Dam was inaugurated on 12 September 2013 by __.
A. Nawaz Sharif
B. Asif Zardari
C. Gen. (R) Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani
D. Khawaja Muhammad Asif

The first private Hydel Power plant, constructed by Laraib Energy Limited is located at _ .
A. Hub
B. Mangla
C. Gwadar
D. Mianwali

The inauguration ceremony of the Central Asia South Asia (CASA-1000) electricity transmission line was held on
A. 10 May 2016
B. 11 May 2016
C. 12 May 2016
D. 13 May 2016

Pakistan will receive _ of electricity from CASA electricity transmission line.
A. 1000 MW
B. 1100 MW
C. 1200 MW
D. 1300 MW

India has constructed “Baglihar Dam” in __ district of Occupied Kashmir.
A. Udhampur
B. Poonch
C. Jammu
D. Doda

India is constructing “Kishanganga Dam” on the __ River.
A. Indus
B. Ravi
C. Jhelum
D. Sutlej

The total number of Agencies in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) are __ .
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

General Raheel Ashraf took oath as Army Chief on __ .
A. 23 November 2013
B. 25 November 2013
C. 27 November 2013
D. 29 November 2013

Militants attacked Quaid’s residency in _ .
A. Karachi
B. Quetta
C. Ziarat
D. London

Pakistan will receive 1000 MW of electricity though CASA transmission line from
A. Tajikistan
B. Kyrgyzstan
C. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
D. Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Who is the Chief Justice of Pakistan?
A. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
B. Chaudhry Aijaz Ahmed
C. Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk
D. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali

The current Chief Justice of Pakistan sworned in on __ .
A. 06 September 2015
B. 08 September 2015
C. 10 September 2015
D. 12 September 2015

Who is the leader of the opposition?
A. Imran Khan
B. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman
C. Khursheed Shah
D. Farooq Sattar

Who was the first Muslim Nobel Laureate?
A. Dr Abdus Salam
B. Anwar Sadaat
C. Dr Muhammad Younus
D. Shah Faisal

Who is the writer of Urdu Book “Pakistan Naguzeer tha”?
A. S.M. Ikram
B. I.H. Kureshi
C. Professor Khalilullah
D. Syed Hasan Riaz

Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) 2013 was awarded to?
A. Raja Nazrin Shah
B. Abdullah Badawi
C. Shaukat Aziz
D. Ishaq Dar

Pakistan’s per capita income is about
A. $1,512
B. $1,612
C. $1,712
D. $1,812

Who is the writer of the book “Between dreams and realities: some milestones in Pakistan’s history”?
A. Ahsan Iqbal
B. Sartaj Aziz
C. Hina Rabbani Khar
D. Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari

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