World Records Important Solved MCQs

world records: important solved mcqs for competitive exams

Largest crude oil producer
• Saudi Arabia

Highest defence budge
• USA.

The first country to send man to the moon
• U.S.A.

Largest tobacco producer
• China

Biggest bicycle producer
• China

Technologically the most advance country
• The USA

Longest wall
• The Great Wall of China.

Least populous continent
• Australia

Uninhabited continent
• Antarctica

Largest country in the land size
• Russia

Smallest country
• State of Vatican City

Largest democracy
• India

smallest republic
• Nauru

Largest Island
• Kalaallit Nunaat (formerly Greenland)

Largest peninsula
• Arabia,

Most populous country
• China

Least populous country
• State of Vatican

Largest Islamic country
• Kazakhstan

Smallest Islamic country
• Maldives

Most populous Islamic country
• Indonesia

Oldest capital city
• Damascus, capital of Syria

Highest capital city
• La Paz in Bolivia

Deepest ocean
• The Pacific Ocean

Smallest ocean
• The Arctic Ocean

Largest sea
• The South China Sea

Largest gulf
• The Gulf of Mexico,

Largest bay
• The Bay of Bengal

Highest mountain peak
• Mount Everest, 8850 m. high.

Largest active volcano
• Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Largest planet
• Jupiter

Smallest planet
• Mercury

Coldest planet
• Neptune

Hottest plant
• Venus

Planet nearest to the Earth
• Venus

Fastest planet
• Mercury

Brightest planet
• Venus

Faintest planet
• Neptune

Densest planet
• The Earth

Least densest planet
• Saturn

Newest born country of the world
• South Sudan

Latest member of UNO
• South Sudan

Largest silver producer
• Mexico

Largest coal producer
• China

Largest copper producer
• Chile (South America)

Largest tin producer
• Brazil

Largest natural rubber producer
• Thailand

Largest uranium producer
• Canada

Largest zinc producer
• Canada

Brightest star
• Sirius A (Dog Star)

Smallest star
• The Neutron stars.

Smallest satellite
• Deimos

Planet with most satellites
• Jupiter

Largest desert
• The Sahara

Larges lake
• The Caspian Sea in

Largest freshwater lake
• Lake Superior, USA – Canada

Largest freshwater lake (by volume)
• Lake Baikal

Deepest lake is
• Lake Baikal in Central Siberia, Russia

Largest wool producer
• Australia

Largest wheat producer
• China

Largest sugarcane producer
• Brazil

Largest sugar producer
• India

Largest rice producer
• China

Largest barley producer
• Russia

Largest corn (maize) producer
• The USA

Largest coffee producer
• Brazil

Largest jute producer
• India

Country with the shortest coastline
• Manaco

Country with the longest coastline
• Canada

Longest tunnel
• The New York City West Delaware water supply tunnel, (169 km, long and diameter 4.1 m).

Longest under – sea tunnel
• Seikan Rail tunnel, Japan (length of 53.85 km).

Longest road tunnel
• The St. Gothard Road Tunnel in Switzerland (16.32 km).

Largest natural gas deposit
• Russia

Hottest place al-aziziyah,
• Tripoli, Libya

Coldest place
• Vostok in Antarctic

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World Records Important Solved MCQs