Command Task ISSB and How To Tackle It:

Command task ISSB is one of the most interesting and important GTO Task. Unlike other Group Task, it is not a leaderless exercise. In this test, you are the commander and you have to accomplish the given task within allotted time. Here, your ability to give command is tested by the GTO. Depending upon the performance of the candidate, GTO selects a task for every candidate .So if you have performed well in GTO tasks, the task allotted to you in the Command task will be rather challenging. Some simple tasks are allotted to the weak candidates.

Manner of Conduct (COMMAND TASK ISSB): The GTO calls the candidates one by one and interacts with them.He will explain the task allotted to you along with the helping materials. He then tells you to choose your Sub ordinates from your Group. Then you have to finish the job within the allotted time. There may be a load to be carried along with while you are negotiating the obstacles.

Tips To Tackle the Command Task:

  • While the GTO (COMMAND TASK ISSB) is explaining the task, listen to him carefully and clarify the doubts on the spot as you may not be allowed to ask anything after commencing the task.
  • You can spend one or two minutes to form a broad plan. Use  your common sense and  think of a logical solution for the task.
  • Never allow nervousness to overpower you as your intelligence shall not work properly when you are nervous.
  • Be judicious in selection of your subordinates. They will be the ones who have to help you to finish the job. As you have spent a few days with your group, you may know the weakness and strength of each Group member.
  • Make your subordinates stand in a line and explain the allotted task, your plan and materials at your disposal.
  • If you are stuck somewhere while doing the command task, you can ask suggestions of your subordinates, but you may have to lose some marks.
  • If you find that your subordinates are not doing the task according to your directions, ask them politely to follow your instructions.
  • If you feel that your plan will not work well, you have to change it. Be logical and systematic.
  • This is also the GTO Outdoor Task
  • It is also same as the progressive Group Task but some different
  • In this task, one candidate will be chosen as a Commander by GTO number by number
  • The GTO will lead the Commander to the Task and the Group will wait
  • There the GTO will give a brief about the task
  • May GTO ask some questions about your ISSB performance, Quick Math questions, Questions about life, about academic record and some about sex
  • After this the GTO will say to Commander to make a proper plan in 2 min
  • Then Commander will think a proper solution and will call to his group
  • Then he will brief the group about the Task, materials, rules and solution and will say to start the Task
  • The plan will be made by the Commander and the other group will follow him
  • No candidate can disobey the Commander
  • Jumping and Throwing is not allowed in this task
  • There will also helping material in this task as in previous tasks
  • The task will complete if all the candidates and materials are brought across the Finishing Line in the given time
  • If the time is ended may the GTO ask the commander about his plan
  • If one has the right plan then the task is considered to be done by GTO
  • As all the candidates are chosen as Commander and complete the Task the GTO (COMMAND TASK ISSB) will tell the end of this Task
  • Thus the Command Task is also ended


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