DO and DO not in ISSB

DO and DO not in ISSB:

  • Most of the candidates want to know that what should be done and what should not be done while attempting ISSB Tests. There are no standardized points because in ISSB personality of a candidate is checked and everyone has its own personality make up. However for guidance, some steps can be discussed which help in doing ISSB tests.

  1.   Always speak truth
  2. Follow instructions given by selectors
  3. Stay cool during tests
  4. Be social and cooperative to others during tests
  5.  Do not be selfish and single doer in the performance of all field tests
  6. Try to improve vocabulary and speaking power both in English and Urdu
  7. Be proud of what you are and have faith in Allah and yourself
  8. Watch News, read newspapers and be good in Islamic and Pakistan affairs
  9. Try to learn definitions and formulas of Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  10. Know your study record by heart i,e marks ,percentage, grades, roll no. etc
  11. Stay smiley in tests
  12. Do not pay heed to rumors about ISSB
  13. Do not join any coaching academy
  14. List is not exhausted and open for more points from anyone.

DO and DO not in ISSB

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