English Grammar MCQs

English Grammar MCQs (Part-04)

The newly installed application sounds very __.
(A) interest
(B) interested
(C) interestingly
(D) interesting

Our team played __.
(A) bad
(B) badly
(C) good
(D) well done

Fatima is not at home at the moment. She __ work.
(A) is at
(B) is on
(C) was at
(D) was on

Fatima, Umma and I __ good friends.
(A) am
(B) was
(C) are
(D) been

I __ my mobile phone yesterday.
(A) loss
(B) loose
(C) lose
(D) lost

My elder brother has got a motor bike but I __.
(A) have not
(B) has not
(C) had not
(D) could not

What __ to drink, tea or coffee?
(A) you would like
(B) would you like
(C) you would liked
(D) would you liked

__ for a concert this evening?
(A) Would you went
(B) Would you going
(C) Would you like going
(D) Would you like to go

Are you interested in __?
(A) Physics
(B) the Physics
(C) a Physics
(D) Physical

I bought some pictures when I was _ holiday _ December, and now I‘m going to hang them __ the wall.
(A) in, in, along
(B) on, for, on
(C) on, in, on
(D) on, in, along

I am going __ to watch a movie.
(A) cinema
(B) to cinema
(C) to a cinema
(D) to the cinema

Anna has finished her work, now she is __ home.
(A) going
(B) going to
(C) going to the
(D) going towards the

Write your name and roll number __ top of the page.
(A) at
(B) at the
(C) on
(D) on the

We came _ the room and jumped _ the swimming pool.
(A) out, in
(B) out, into
(C) out of, into
(D) out of, in

She lived _ Australia _ 2008 __ 2015.
(A) in, during, till
(B) in, between, until
(C) in, from, till
(D) in, from, until

Not only her parents _ her class teacher _ proud of her results.
(A) but also, was
(B) but also, were
(C) and also, was
(D) and also, were

Yesterday I got a call from my old friend, and he __ me the whole story.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) told
(D) telling

Maldives is a country _ thousands of islands, and it is _ most dispersed country.
(A) made of, a
(B) made of, the
(C) made up of, a
(D) made up of, the

You need to write your mobile number, while home address is __.
(A) option
(B) options
(C) optional
(D) optionals

The problem is not _ to one of internal.
(A) reduce
(B) reducible
(C) reliable
(D) reduction

They had been __ false beliefs from their childhood.
(A) doctrinated
(B) indoctrine
(C) indoctrinated
(D) indoctrination

She is not willing to reveal the identity of her __.
(A) inform
(B) informant
(C) informal
(D) information

Employs in this department always __ close relations with each other.
(A) maintain
(B) maintains
(C) maintained
(D) maintenance

Emma is older _ Alice, while Jolie is _ oldest.
(A) than, an
(B) from, the
(C) then, the
(D) than, the

I can‘t walk anymore, I‘m __ tired.
(A) too
(B) so
(C) such
(D) so such

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