Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs (Part-02)

Which of the following is not an allotrope of Carbon?
a. Diamond
b. Graphite
c. Fullerenes
d. Glass

What is the formula of Sulfuric acid?
a. H2SO4
b. SO2
c. Na2SO4
d. K2SO4

How are the following elements arranged in the Periodic table?
H, He, Li, Be and B
a. H, He, Li, Be and B
b. H, Li, He, Be and B
c. H, He, Be, Li and B
d. H, Be, He, B and Li

What is the number of periods in which Periodic table is divided?
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9

There are _ Groups in the Periodic table.
a. 18
b. 17
c. 16
d. 15

Which one of the following is not an element of Noble gases?
a. Helium
b. Neon
c. Xenon
d. Hydrogen

Mole is defined as the number of atoms found in _ of carbon-12?
a. 11 grams
b. 14 grams
c. 10 grams
d. 12 grams

Which of the following is not a mixture?
a. Steel
b. Aluminium
c. Graphite
d. Glass

Alloys are ___
a. Harder than the pure metal
b. Harder than the impure metal
c. Softer than the pure metal
d. Softer than the impure metal

What is the name of that process in which oxygen is removed?
a. Oxidation
b. Electrolysis
c. Ionization
d. Reduction

Rusting is an _ reaction.
a. Ionization
b. Oxidation
c. Reduction
d. None of the above

What is needed for rusting to occur?
a. Water
b. Oxygen
c. Water and Oxygen
d. Carbon dioxide

All acids are ____
a. Corrosive when they are strong
b. Corrosive when they are weak
c. Irritant when they are strong
d. None of the above

When an acid reacts with a metal carbonate, the products formed are _
a. Salt, Water and Carbon dioxide
b. Salt and Water
c. Water and Carbon dioxide
d. Salt and Carbon dioxide

Which one is an alkaline among the following?
a. Vinegar
b. Saliva
c. Ammonia
d. Acid rain

In Periodic table elements are arranged according to their _
a. Mass number
b. Atomic and Mass number
c. Atomic number
d. None of the above

What is an Isotope?
a. Atoms of an element having different mass number
b. Atoms of an element having same mass number
c. Atoms of an element having different atomic number
d. Atoms of an element having same atomic number

Atomic number is represented by which letter?
a. A
b. M
c. X
d. Z

Which science is sometimes called ‗central science‘?
a. Physics
b. Chemistry
c. Biology
d. Geology

Which acid is used in the body to help digestion?
a. Hydrochloric Acid
b. Sulphuric Acid
c. Acetic Acid
d. Boric Acid

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Everyday Science MCQs

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