five days of ISSB complete detail

five days of ISSB complete detail:

day 1

  • Reporting day:
    • (a) Reception.
      • Arrival/Reception guideline by ISPR
      • Boarding and Lodging guideline by ISPR

(b) Checking of documents.

  • What to bring with you and what are prohibited items
  • What are the Documents Required

(c) Allotment of chest numbers.
(d) Candidates are photographed.
(e) Administration Staff’s address
(f) Writing of unforgettable incident.

day 2

  • Opening Address by a Deputy President.
  • 1st Testing day: Psychologist’s day

    • (a) Intelligence Test.
      (b) Psychological Tests.

Announcement of screening out result
Remaining Psychological Tests (Screened out Candidates will not attend he subsequent tests

day 3

  • 2nd Testing day: GTO’s day
    • Briefing
    • Indoor Tasks
      • Group discussions.
      • Group planning.
    • Outdoor Tasks
      • Progressive group tasks (PGT).
      • Half group tasks (HGT).
    • Interview.

day 4

  • 3rd Testing day: GTO’s day
    • (a) Individuals obstacles
      (b) Command Task.
      (c) Final group task.
      (d) Mutual assessment
      (e) Interview (left overs)

day 5

  • 4th Testing day: Conference day
    • (a) Conference.
      (b) Re-interview (if required)
      (c) Payment of TA/DA
      (d) Departure

five days of ISSB complete detail

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