History of ISSB

History of ISSB:

  • After the independence of Bangladesh, necessity was felt about setting up of a selection board for selecting officer for the Armed Forces. Firstly army took the initiative and accordingly Army Selection Board was formed in 1974. Similarly candidates for Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force also used to be selected by respective services headquarters by different boards. Subsequently, combining all the selection boards, Inter Services selection Board (ISSB) came into being in 1976. Since its inception, ISSB’s main task is to select candidates for the Armed Forces of Bangladesh.

  • Selection of right man in right place is a complex phenomenon. It is even more complex, when it deals with Armed Forces because that demands sacrifice of human life for right cause. Selection in defence organization has many changes through the ages. One of the methods, which was used for centuries and is used even today in some countries, is the ‘Method of Heredity’. This method was popular amongst autocratic rule due to its’ inherent advantage of continuity in the hierarchy of power to their family. Later, as the educated and enlightened public opinion grew up, the method of heredity lost its credibility. As such, the efficiency and suitability replaced the old concept of ‘Blue Blood’. In present days, the modern comprehensive selection method enables the individuals to compete for important appointments including those of armed forces.

  • During the period between two World Wars, experiments were made to evolve a system to put appropriate men in armed forces. In this process, towards the end of First World War, Intelligence Test was introduced in US Army. Subsequently Germany introduced psychological test in reconstruction of her war ravaged armed forces from 1927 onward. This provided better quality individuals to German Army. After some more experimentation, at the end of Second World War, three dimensional assessment of candidates for selection has been evolved. Now-a-days this method of selection is followed in most of the countries including Bangladesh.

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