how to create own marker interface

How to create own marker interface

Yes, you can create your own marker interfaces in Java. Creating a marker interface is simple; it’s just like creating any other interface, except that it doesn’t contain any methods or fields. Here’s how you can create your own marker interface:

 * Author: Zameer Ali
 * */
public interface MyMarkerInterface {
    // No methods or fields, just a marker interface

In the example above, MyMarkerInterface is a custom marker interface with no methods. Classes that implement this interface are essentially saying, “I have a special trait or behavior,” but without specifying what that trait or behavior is.

To use this marker interface, you would create classes that implement it:

public class MyClass implements MyMarkerInterface {
    // Class implementation

In this case, MyClass implements the MyMarkerInterface interface, indicating that it possesses the special trait or behavior denoted by the marker interface.

However, remember that while creating marker interfaces is technically possible, modern Java development tends to favor annotations over marker interfaces. Annotations provide a more powerful and flexible way to add metadata to classes, methods, fields, and other program elements. Annotations can carry additional information and can be processed at compile-time or runtime to achieve various behaviors.

If you’re working on new projects or maintaining existing codebases, consider using annotations and other metadata mechanisms as they provide more expressive and versatile ways to achieve similar goals.

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