intelligence mcqs with answers

intelligence mcqs with answers


Q: 1) year is to month as week is to …..?

A) Hour         B) day                         C) fortnight                 D) minute

Q: 2) blindness is to eye as deafness is to  …..?

A) ear             B) brain                       C) head                       D) nose

Q: 3) food is to eat as water is to …..?

A) dirt            B) drink                      C) wash                       D) fire

Q: 4) carpenter is to wood as tailor is to …..?

A) machine     B) ship             C) cloth                       D) shop

Q: 5) limb is to body as branch is to  …..?

A) building     B) grass                       C) garden                    D) tree

Q: 6) milk is to white as sky is to …..?

A) red             B) blue                        C) green                      D) black

Q: 7) boot is to foot as glove is to …..?

A) wool          B) cloth                       C) cotton                     D) hand

Q: 8) teacher is to students as doctor is to …..?

A) medicine    B) drugs                      C) patients                  D) hospital

Q: 9) rich is to poor as health is to …..?

A) weight       B) height                     C) sick                        D) stout

Q: 10) health is to sickness as happiness is to …..?

A) sweetness  B) sadness                  C) well-being              D) cheerfulness

Q: 11) drama is related to director as magazine is to …..?

A) publisher    B) printer                     C) reader                     D) editor

Q: 12) argument is to debate as fight is to …..?

A) friendship              B) contest                   C) controversy                        D) quarrel

Q: 13) poor is to rich as pauper is to  …..?

A) soldier       B) brave                      C)wealth                     D) multi-millionaire

Q: 14) mule is to pack as ox is to …..?

A) hoof           B) yoke                       C) horn                        D) neck

Q: 15) statue is to shape as song is to …..?

A) tune           B) beauty                    C) melody                   D) words

Q: 16) general is to soldier as admiral is to  …..?

A) sailor         B) master                     C) captain                    D) player

Q: 17) n is to p as s is to  …..?

A) u                B) v                 C) t                  D) r

Q: 18) hot is to steam as cold is to …..?

A) water         B) ice               C) weather                  D) ice cream


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BATTLES OF ISLAM MCQS intelligence mcqs with answers