Issb indoor task (GTO)

Issb indoor task (GTO):

  • The G.T.O. tasks are group exercises, wherein the candidates perform several tasks either collectively or individually, but always in association with the other candidates in the group. Some of the exercises are indoor while others are out door.

Issb indoor Activities:

  • All the activities are simple, Just remember a few things Dont try to be over smart, Stay serious, Take charge of your teem…
  • Participate in all activities make your observer realize that you are a leader and always remember ( You Command Respect not demand respect)
  • GTO –Group testing Officer..(remember he alone can take stand for your RECCOMMEDATION), so give your best short….

1–Group discussions

  • The group discussion or group discussion task has assumed great importance. In the Group Testing Officer Task or G.T.O Task, the candidate creates the first impression on the Group Testing Officer (G.T.O) and other members of his group. The good performance of the candidate in the task of group discussion creates a good impression on the Group Testing Officer, and enrich his role in subsequent group tasks. As first impression is the last impression, hence the candidate must try his best to show his worth in group discussion.
  • During group discussion all candidates are arranged to sit in a circle. In the beginning every candidate introduces himself, like which city he belongs to, his educational qualifications, hobbies etc. Thereafter, the group discussions exercise begins. In this task, usually, two subjects are read out to the candidates and they are required to choose one of them for the sake of discussion. The subject which is agreed upon by the majority of the candidates is accepted by the Group Testing Officer for discussion…. You should be iniative and should speak at any cost…. ans speack for 2 minuts for 3 times…. total 5 to 6 minuts…. 20 minutes are total for Group discussion if this is Go0d then he will enhance the time of this task otherwise no… GTO just check the logic and main thing is that can u prove yourself in 10 persons…?? this is the big thing…. just speack speack and speack…. in this you can show youself a selfish like if some start to speack beat him/her ,donot stop till and but in out door tasks like prougrasive task n half group task n command task etc… in these task prove yourself u r not a selfish… you should be co-operative n helping in out door tasks also should be an at first…. if u speack n speack in Group planing n Group Discussion both r in do0r tasks.. GTO is with you,,you selection may b 80 % if your psyche is correct… Main vote is of psychologist…

2—Group Planning Exercise

  • This exercise begins soon after the Group Discussion, It is an indoor task, where the Group Testing officer reads out the narrative and with the help of the sand-model or sketch map explains the situation to the candidates. The map or model contains the scale, legend etc. If the candidates required any clarification to some pints, then it is cleared by the Group Testing Officer. Thereafter, the candidates are to write down their individual solutions in the paper provided for the purpose. The candidate are not allowed to consult each other while writing down their solutions. The candidate have to write down their chest numbers on the tip of the writing papers. The time for this written work is about 10 minutes. Thereafter, the candidate are required to discuss among themselves the situation and problems so as to arrive at a group solutions or plan. Every candidate is desired to express his views on the situation.

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