ISSB outdoor task (GTO)

ISSB outdoor task (GTO):

  • The G.T.O. tasks are group exercises, wherein the candidates perform several tasks either collectively or individually, but always in association with the other candidates in the group. Some of the exercises are indoor while others are out door.

ISSB outdoor task Activities:

  • Some of the fundamental rules which the Group Testing Officer clears to the candidates before beginning the tasks ;

1—Out of Bounds Rule:

  • The whole ground area and any other structure painted red between the start line and the finish line, and their helping materials and loads are out of bounds to the candidates. There is punishment for any candidate or any object that touches the out of bounds area. The defaulter have soon to go back to the star line of that obstacle. If any object touches the out bounds areas, then the object should be carried back by the defaulter to the stat-line and then it should be brought forward again.

2—The Four Feet Rule:

  • The candidates are not permitted to jump any distance exceeding 4 feet either in length or in height. Such distances, are to be crossed with the assistance of the helping materials (ropes or bellies).

3—The Group Rule:

  • Every obstacle should be crossed by the whole group with its material and load, before the next obstacle is tried by anybody in the group.

4—The Time Rule:

  • The task should be concluded in 40 minutes. There is no time limit for each of the four obstacles which are included in this task.

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