• This is the 2nd test of GTO Indoor Tasks
  • It is also same as the previous Group Discussion Test
  • In this test GTO will brief you about the rules and method
  • Every candidates will be given a topic and will be told to go out and make a lecture
  • After 2 min candidate will say to come in and give a lecture on the topic for 3 min
  • As the time ends GTO will say to sit down and will give a different topic to the next candidate
  • This test will also be in Urdu Language
  • This test will start until all the candidates gave their lectures
  • As all the candidates over lectures number by number the test is ended and you will be proceeded to the next test
  • Remember that references from Quran/ Hades carry 20 marks out of 100 marks
  • It is strongly said that you should also give proper examples and poetry of Iqbal

Example of Lecturat Test:


0 thoughts on “LACTURAT/ SPEECH ISSB”

  1. Younas ahmed says:

    What is that mean that you have 20 marks for quran hades ?
    Do you mean that it will only give 20 marks or 20 confirm out of 100

    1. Abdul Majid says:

      Means 20 marks for References that you have edge of discussing Hadess or Ayar of Quran in your Topic

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