Solved Pointer story writing

Solved Pointer story writing


  • The fourth tool of psychological test is the Pointer Story Writing. Pointer story writing is like Picture story writing test. Pointer story writing is called Psychological test, where candidates are given incomplete sentence (s) and candidates have to write a story on given sentence (s)
  • Such tests provide one or more brief description of a dramatic accident or an unfinished plot around which is to be developed a story of the subject’s choice. Each situation given in such a test is one involving conflict. The major areas of conflict may include family, social and friendship relations, opposite sex, religious and moral beliefs and health.

Number of pointer stories:

  • Total 2 incomplete sentences will be given and then candidates will write a story (Pointer story writing) on given sentences. For each sentence time will be given same as above mentioned.

Given Time:

  • Maximum time is given 4 minutes, 30 seconds for read carefully and 3.5 minutes for write down a suitable, meaningful story.

solved Examples of ISSB pointer story test:

Outline: Waqar and Zahida were friends and they love each other……

Candidate# 1: Waqar and Zahida were friends and they love each other, they have gone on an outing. Amidst their happy ramble, Waqar reveal to her that he intends leaving Pakistan for higher studies. At this, poor Zahida bursts into tears. Waqar is kind and consoles her with sympathy and understanding. He assures her of his undying love and swear lovers oath. But she finds fit difficult to bear the thought of separation. The pangs of separation assail her too much. The shock is too crude for her gentle heart to bear. However, Waqar is able to think of a good plan that will make her feel happy. He tells that they can get married and go abroad together she can also study medicine in the States. The glad tiding brings great joy of her heart and she also blushes at the proposal of her lover.


The story highlights the social ability of the candidate. he is able to move freely with others and win over their confidence and affection with his gentle, sincere and sympathetic attitude. Again his ability to tackle a problem in a confident and positive way is known to advantage. He manages to find a happy solution although he has been exposed to a difficult situation without any warning. He is very considerate to the feeling of others and shows his readiness to accommodate others to the best of his ability. SELECTED 

Candidate# 2: Waqar and Zahida were friends and they love each other, they have come out far from the madding crowd so as to have a happy sojourn in the warm lap of nature. Zahida sheds tears, as it is their last meeting. Next day, she is to marry another man who is being forced on her by her conservative parents. Waqar, however, persuades her by saying that love is something eternal and that physical distance can never separate the lovers who live with each other in their dreamland. He explains that love is something supreme. As such, there is nothing to fear. What is precious is never to forget and so, they are sure, they will never forget each other.


The candidate is not able to look at things in a positive and optimistic light instead; he is haunted with failures and setbacks. He does not reveal a practical approach and prefers to day dream. Instead of facing issue baldly and with determination, he indulges in utopian thinking. He accepts defeat without a fight since he lacks confidence in his ability to success. REJECTED

Candidate# 3: Waqar and Zahida were friends and they love each other, Zahida has failed in her B.A examination and feels depressed. She sheds tears that she has lost one year. Moreover, she fears that her friends will crack jokes at her expense, Waqar assures her that failure have an inspiration of their own to give. Many men who have succeeded in the world were first failure in life and his novel experience of failures served as a great stimulant to make them a great success. But Zahida is not convinced. She thinks it futile to persist with her studies anymore and begs hi to marry her immediately. Waqar agrees and they are soon married.


The candidate consistently displays the temperament of giving in rather easily under pressure. He is not able to put a real fight against adverse circumstances. He is not a fighter but a quitter. Although he has some ideas, he is unable to convince other in a forceful and effective manner. On the other hand, he allows himself to be swayed by emotions and yields against his better judgement. REJECTED