verbal intelligence test

Verbal intelligence test

  • For the convenience of the candidates a few common types of intelligence tests generally- used by the I.S.S.B. at Kohat or the Federal Public Service Commission, are illustrated hereunder.


1. Completion of Series Test:

  • In this type of test, generally- a series is given in which a figure, a digit, a letter or a word is missing either at the end or somewhere in between, The candidates are required to insert it Sometimes a few choices are also given at the end of the question as alternative answer and the candidates are instructed to simply write down the serial number of the correct choice.
Which choices supply the next two missing figures in the series given below:
2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 17, …..
Choice: (i) 18, (ii) 19, (iii) 20. (iv) 21 (v) 2.2,
Ans (ii) and (v)

2. Analogy Test:

  • This test is, in fact mathematical in nature. In this test, there exists a certain type of relationship between two objects or ideas. The missing .object or idea can be provided by establishing the same kind of relationship between the third and the fourth object.
State the number of choice which is appropriate to fill in the blanks in the following:
Soap is to dirt as petrol is to ___
Choices: (i) Car, (ii) Clothes, (iii) Greeze, (iv) Dry cleaner.
Ans. (iii)

3. Relationship Test:

  • In this test, the candidate will notice that there is certain relationship between the pairs of the words.
(1) Football (2) Medicine (3) Player (4) Cobbler (5) Doctor (6) Shoes.
. (4) and (6)

4. Jumbled Spelling Test:

  • This is a very simple test in which only jumbled spellings of some very common words are given and the candidates are required to think out-the correct word arid write it. Sometimes for the convenience of the candidates some hints about the nature of the word are also given.
Which choice mentions the last letter of the correct word rearranged from the following jumbled spellings:
NESTIN ( A game ).
Choices: (i) E (ii) S (iii) T.
Ans. (ii).

5. Coding and Decoding-Test:

  • To give code values to letters of alphabet). In the Army services Perfect secrecy is required regarding the information relating to the movement or operation of the Army. For this purpose, sometimes secret messages have to be sent in code, and the same have to be decoded. It is, therefore, necessary that the candidates should be in a position to find key to the code. This test can be very easily solved, if the entire alphabets are first written and then, by composing the real and artificial value of letters, establish the relationship or pattern of the code. For this purpose, generally alphabets are printed on the answer sheet for the use of the candidate.
If JQRG means HOPE, what does OKNM mean?
Solution: In this question
J stands for H
Q stands for O
R stands for P
G stands for E
If a careful observation is made, the candidate will notice that each letter in the alphabet stands for the letters two places preceding it. By the application of this principle, the fetters OKNM will stand for MILK.

Example: Which choice mentions the last letter of the required?
If A C N P N P J L stands for BOOK.
What. Does S U Q S T V S U G I stand for?
Choices: (1) D, (2) H, (3) T.
Solution: A careful observation will reveal that each pair of letters stands for the letter in between them. Thus AC stands for B, NP stands for O, and JL stands for K. The coded word is BOOK.

6. Coding and Decoding Test(Artificial Values to Arithmetical Digits):

  • In this type of intelligence test, the digits don’t carry their real value, but they are allocated artificial values. These artificial values are allotted to the digits according to set principle which can be very easily discerned by the candidates if a careful observation is made.
If 3=0, 4=4, 5=10, 6=18 then 7=?
(1) 21. (ii) 28, (iii) 42.
Solution: In this question if a careful observation is made, we will notice that
Fig. 3 is multiplied by zero and therefore it is equivalent to zero.
Fig. 4 is multiplied by 1 and therefore it is equivalent to 4.
Fig. 5 is multiplied by 2 and therefore it is equivalent to 10.
It means that the number by which each succeeding figure is multiplied goes on increasing by one, in order to assume an artificial value. Thus by applying this principle, the
Fig. 7 is to be multiplied by 4 in order to assume an artificial value. Thus its coded or artificial value is 7×4=28. Thus the choice (ii) is the correct answer.

7. Multiple Choice or Best Reason Tests:

  • This is a very simple test in which an incomplete statement is followed by five or six alternative choices as answers. The candidate is required to select one or more appropriate choice of answers that completes the questions or the statement.
Which choice answer the following questions:
Islamabad is famous because:
a) It is  a neat and clean city.
b) All the Ministries are there.
e) Many foreigners live in it.
d) It is the capital of Pakistan.
The answer is obviously (a).

8. Same Class Test:

  • In this test, the candidates are given a group of words. Some of the words in this group belong to one particular class but one or more words do not belong that class. The candidates are required to simply pick such word or words which do not belong that particular class.
Write the number of pairs which is dissimilar from others in following:
(a) Stadium and football.
(b) Hospital and patients.
(c) Post office and fetters.
(d) Jail and prisoners.
Answer. (c)

9. Synonym Test:

  • In this test, the candidates are given pairs of words with the same meaning. But a certain pairs are such that the meaning of the two words in the pair is not the same. Here the candidates have to pick a pair of the words which don’t have the same meaning and write down the number of that pairs.
1.       Freedom and Bondage.
2.       Danger and Risk
3.       Integrity and Honesty
4.       Agony and Pain
Ans. (1)

10. Antonym Test:

  • In this test also some pairs of words are given which have opposite meanings, but a certain pair is such that it is of a different nature. The candidates are required to simply pick out such a pair and write down its serial number.
Write the number of pair which is different from the others in the following:
1.       Start and Finish
2.       Hero and Play
3.       Accept and Reject
4.       Plan and Cancel
Ans. (2)
verbal intelligence test