verbal intelligence test Exercise

verbal intelligence test Exercise 02

1.       Insert the missing number:
2, 4, 8, 16, ….?
2.       Insert the missing letter:
A, D, G, J, ….?
3.       Insert the missing number:
6, 12, 18, 24, ….?
4.       Insert the missing letter:
5.       Fill in the blank space in the following:
10 + 7 + ? = 35
6.       Fill in the blank space in the following:
Father is to Mother as King is to….?
7.       Name the serial number of the object which is different others in the following
(i)                  Car
(ii)                Bus
(iii)               School
(iv)              Cycle
(v)                Railcar
8.       Insert the missing number:
15, 40, 45, 60, ….?
9.       Insert the missing letter:
10.   Fill in the blank space in the following:
EL…P…A…T (an animal)
11.   Fill in the blanks in the following series:
1, 3, 9, 27, …..?
12.   Fill in the blanks in the following series:
36, 49, 64, 81, …..?
13.   If A=2, B=3, and C=4 and so on, what does the following numbers stand for?
21, 6, 2, 4, 9, 6, 19.
Name the serial number of the two choices which are composed of the same two digits.
(i)                  12869 (ii) 82907 (iii) 87215 (iv) 97286 (v) 52184 (vi,) 81912 (vii) 45826 (viii) 56789
Rearrange the following mixed word to form sensible sentences and the last words each:
(a) That gold is not all glitters.
(b) in two bush hand is a worth in the bird.
(c) To coat your cloth cut your according.
Raza started from his house. walked 2 km. north, then 3 km. west then 6 km.. south. How far away from his house was he then? Mention number of choice which gives the answer.
Choices:(i) 3 km (ii) 4 km. (iii) 5 km.
Fill the blanks with suitable words:
(a) Man to run as Birds to
(b) Love to Hatred as Growth is to …
Fill in the blanks with suitable words :
(a) Fair is to Fare as Hair is to ….
(b) Tale is to tail as Bale is to ….
(c) Bride is to Ride as Bray is to ….
(d) Seed is to Speed as Send is to ….
Complete the relationship:
(a) RING is to STRING as …. is to STAIR.
(b) BUS is to BUST as …. is to HEART.
Pick up the stranger figures out of the following groups of figures
1, 3, 8, 27, 81, 243.
Point out a single letter which when prefixed to the following words forms new words:
A man travels 3 km. due North, then travels 8 km. due East and further travels 3 km. due North. How far is he from the starting point?

If BOY is coded as 539, and girl is coded as 8627, then how will you encode GLORY?
Write the number of choice which provides best answer for the following:
We prefer to wear woollen clothes in winter because
(a) Woollen clothes are thicker than cotton clothes.
(b) Woollen clothes are more durable than cotton clothes.
(c) Woollen clothes are bad conductor of heat.
(d) Woollen clothes do not get dirty easily.
Write the number of pair which is dissimilar from the others:
(a) Students and Books.
(b) Doctor and Patient.
(c) Fruit and Flower.
Which choice mentions the last letter of the word required in the following:
If EQOG stands for COME how will you encode “Nothing to report”.
Choices : (i) U (ii) V (iii) R (iv) S.
A man covers 8 meters towards north, turns west and covers pe meters, then south and covers 12 meters. How far is he from the starting point?
Name the serial number of the word which is different from others in the same group:
If three clothes are dried up in 2 hours, in how many hours can clothes be dried up together?
State the choice which provides the best answer in the following statements:
People use rain-coats during monsoons because:
i) They look pretty. (ii) They can be had in any colour. (iii) They protect them from getting wet. (iv) It is customary to do so.
If 20 – 4 = 10 and
30 – 6 = 10
Then 40 – 8 = ?
If A = 2, B = 3, C = 4 and so on. What does the following numbers stand for:
14, 2, 11, 16, 19
Arrange the Words given below in ascending order
(i) Angle (ii) Triangle (iii) Point (iv) Rectangle (v) Line
A man travels 2 km., turns left and travels another 4 km. and then turns right and travels yet another km. How far is he from the starting point?
Rearrange the following group of words in the natural sequence in relation to the word shown in brackets:
(Essay) (i) TRIM (ii) READ (iii) THINK (iv) REVISE (v) WRITE.
Which choices mention the two letters which come next in the following series in the correct order: AZRYCX……..
Choices: (i) E (ii) U (iii)W (iv) D.
Javaid will be 6 times as old in SO years as he is now. What is the present age of Javaid?
Name the single letter which when taken out of each of the following words forms entirely new words:
A boy walks 4 meters due east and then 3 meters due south. How far is he from the starting point?
Choices: (1) 5 meters, (ii) 6 meters, (iii) 7 meters.
Pointing to a girl, a woman said, “Her mother was the daughter of my mother.” What is the girl to the woman?
If C A F E is coded as 3165, and HIDE is coded as 8945 then how will you encode HEAD?
verbal intelligence test Exercise