verbal intelligence test Exercise

verbal intelligence test Exercise 03

Which choice provides the answer?
(a) Cow is to calf as Horse is to….
Choices: (i) dog, (ii) cock. (iii) Colt, (iv) mare.
(b) Work helps to build up character and leads to….
Choices: (i) pride, (ii) riches. (iii) duty ( iv) happiness.
Insert the missing numbers:
25, 35, 45, 55, ….
Write the number of the pair which is dissimilar from the others in the following:
(a) School and boys, (b) Hospital and patients, (c) Post Office and letters, (d) Jail and prisoners (e) Fruit and flowers.
Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
(a) FIST is to First as Bid is to ……..?
(b) Mail is to Male as Hail is to ……….?
(c) Band is to Brand as Stand is to …………?
(d) Hide is to Chide as Hair is to …………?
Which choice mentions the last letter of the word required in the following:
 If Q M B O means PLAN
N J O J T U F S means ………?
 Choices: (i) R, (ii) J, (iii) T, (iv) O.
Point out the word which is different from others in the group:
(b) (i) GRACEFUL, (ii) MERCIFUL, (iii) HARMFUL, (iv) HELPFUL, (v) LAWFUL.
A’s father has no brothers or sisters but A is the nephew of B. What is B to A’s father?
What comes next in the following?
(a) 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, …….
(b) 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, ……
Write the two missing letters in the series:
A C F J Z B D …?…, .. ?… Z
Which choice provides the answer:
(a) Tiger is to Club as Dog is to……?
Choices: (i ) Cat, (2) Kitten, (3) Puppy, (4) Horse.
(b) Proud is to Humble as Abundance is to …..?
Choices: (i ) Rich, (2) Poor, (3) Plenty, (4) Scarcity.
A is not the brother of your wife’s sister but your wife is sister of A. What is ‘A to you?
What is the highest number of two digits which cannot be divided by three?
What is the smallest number of two digits which can be divided three?
Write the number of the pair which is different from the others in the following:
(i) Orange and Banana.
(ii) Knife and Mango.
(iii) Apple and Pear.
(iv) Plum and Leechi.
A father tells’ his son, “I was your present age when you born. “if father is 42 now, how old will be the boy 3 years hence?
HOT is to STEAM as COLD is to ……?
Choices: (1) WEATHER, (2) SNOW, (3) ICE, (4) ICE CREAM.


Directions: There is some relationship between the first two words; similar relationship should exist between the third and the fourth word, Find the fourth word each case:

Directions: Chose the correct word from the given choice:
Leg is to Knee, as Arm is tom…..?
A. Hand                B. Elbow
C. Wrist                                D. Nail
Lamb is to Sheep , as Boy is to…….?
A. Wool                                C. Man
B. Dog                                   D. Goat
Wash is to Face, as Sweep is to….?
A. Clean                               B. Floor 
C. Broom                             D. Grass
Dog is to Bark, as Cat is to….?
A. Voice                               B. Fur
C. Black                                 D. Men
Fire is to smoke as Water is to……? 
A. Liquid                               B. Wet
C. Ice                                     D. Steam
Dog is to Puppy as Cat is to…..?
A. Tail                                    B. Fur
C. Pussy                               D. Kitten
Ship is to Sea so is Camel to……?
A. Lion                                  B. Tiger
C. Desert                             D. Jungle
Sheep is to Flock as Bee is to…..?
A. Honey                             B. Sting
C. Swarm                             D. Hive
Fish is to Swim as Boat is to…. ?
A. Wood                              B. Sail
C. Rubber                            D. Boatman
Coal is to Mine as Water is to ….. ?
A. Tap                                   B. Pot 
C. Glass                                D. River
Hear is to Ear so is See to….. ?
A. Picture                            B. Nose 
C. Eye                                    D. Mouth

Foot-ball is to Goal as Cricket is to_ … ?
A. Hockey                            B. Score 
C. Ball                                    D. Kick
Ornament is to Gold so is Furniture to…..?
A. Wood                              B. Water
C. Polish                               D. Rubber
Arm is to Body so is Branch ….. ? .
A. Leaf                                  B. Green
C. Tree                                  D. Wood
Society is to Crime as Body is to….?
A. Limbs                               B. Strong
C. Disease                           D. Work
Tame is to Wild so is Friend to….. ?
A. Foe                                   B. Family
C. Pet                                    D. Cousin
verbal intelligence test Exercise