• It is the last test of GTO Indoor Tasks
  • It is also known as Military Planning
  • In this test you will be shown a model of a village, city or anything
  • Then you will be brief about this model
  • You will be also told about the transports, roads, lakes, sea, gardens and everything related to you model listen it carefully
  • Then you will be given a problem and will ask you to find the proper solution of this problem in a given time of 15 min
  • You have to find the solution or have to make a plan for the problem avoiding any dangers
  • You can make your plan individually or as a whole but it is more right to make it combine
  • Don’t take sub-groups during the task as it makes bad impression
  • As the time over the GTO will ask if you have find the solution
  • A candidate will tell the plan and my GTO asks something about it
  • If you make the correct plan the test is ended otherwise GTO will ask if anyone has a plan
  • At last the test is ended and you will told to put on your track suite and come back to NISHTAR HALL
  • Note that many of Planning are unsuccessful so don’t mind the only check your interest and ability to do work in a group

Example of Group Planning:


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