Individual Obstacles For female candidates


  • Here there will be obstacles placed and a candidate is required to complete them in a given period of time individually. The level of individual obstacles for women is slightly lower than that given for men. Men’s are given three minutes for 10 obstacles roughly and women are required to complete 6 obstacles in a time of 4 minutes, this is because level of energy and stamina in men and women are different. You can repeat an obstacle after you complete all. Each obstacle is associated with points ranging from 1 to 12, most difficult one with maximum number of points (12).
  • Basically your self-confidence, physical fitness, stamina, courage, determination and speed of decisions are some major points amongst others to be checked. Hence you have to do it will full zeal and stamina. Generally the obstacles are placed one after the another in such a way that you can start with an obstacle you like and keep on attempting others and finally come back to the first one where you started.

Here is a list of some of the obstacles popularly given by ISSB’s, you can get any six of them or similar kinds to do

  1. Going over a balance beam called as single ramp.
  2. Long jump across a ditch of about 4-6 feet (generally covered with a barbed wire).
  3. Monkey crawling.
  4. Climbing a wall.
  5. Passing through a tire.
  6. Rope climbing.
  7. Tarzan Swing or Tarzan jump
  8. Balance walking over a zigzag beam.
  9. Walking over parallel ropes (Burma Bridge).
  10. Screen Jump (come running climb on the plank jump over the screen or red cloth without touching the screen).
  11. Commando walk.
  12. Tiger’s leap.

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