verbal intelligence (alphabet)

Verbal intelligence test (Part-1 of “alphabet series”)

ISSB verbal intelligence test:

  • At ISSB Intelligence Tests carry a lot of importance. At selection centre the Intelligence Tests will be on computer and at ISSB Intelligence Tests will be on paper. For Verbal ISSB Intelligence Test you will solve 105 mix verbal (no pictures) in 30 minutes. In Non Verbal Intelligence Test (pictures) 70 questions in 30 minutes. In ISSB Mechanical Aptitude Test 50 questions in 15 minutes.
  • An Intelligence Test is a collection of problems, arranged in increasing difficulty and which are required to be solved with in specified limits. The governing principle of an intelligence tests is that a more intelligent person will be able to solve more problems quickly and correctly than a less intelligent individual. The problems may may be put in the from of letters, words, patterns;pictures or any other material suitable for the purpose, in order to find out whether the candidate can perceive and appreciate the relationship between different things, within the given time.

Attempt below test to boost your brain:

Q: 01) AZ, BY, CX, DW, …..?

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Q: 02) K, M, O, Q, …..?

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Q: 03) A, D, G, J, M, P, …..?

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Q: 04) G, F, E, D, …..?

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Q: 05) B, D, E, G, , H, …..?

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Q: 06) ABC, GHI, MNO, …..?

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Q: 07) ABCD, BCDE, CDEF, DEFG, …..?

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Q: 08) D, F, H, J, L, …..?

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Q: 09) L, B, M, C, N, …..?

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Q: 10) A, C, E, G, …..?

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Verbal intelligence test (Part-1 of "alphabet series")

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verbal intelligence (alphabet)

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  1. Muhammmad Uzair says:

    Some Answers are totally Wrong in intelligence tests. But I really appreciate the site owner for the work done on General Knowledge questions and notes about Pakistan and the world.
    May Allah Pak give him success in every field of his life.

    1. Mehar says:

      There are many answers which are completely wrong and make no sense. But these questions are good for practice.

  2. Atif Sadiq says:

    Most of the question answers are wrong

  3. abdul basit says:

    A good website to prepare issb and other tests but some answers are incorrect that make makes a person go in depth and confuse alot.

  4. Zohaib Iqbal says:

    Some answers are wrong!

  5. Muhammad Mudassir Khan says:

    AOA! basically website is superb for preparation. It’s like a game but answers of many question are wrong. I just request you to kindly correct it.

  6. Umaima khan says:

    Most of the answers are totally wrong that make no sense.
    Otherwise i apreciate the owner they give us a great information about pak and G.k about world .
    Keep it up

  7. romaisa akhtar says:

    totaaaly wrong most of question please corect it its very wrong

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