issb deputy president interview

issb deputy president interview

Deputy president interview questions, a experience shared by recommended candidate:

Before Reading questions please keep this in mind

These questions are only meant to make you judge the type of questions which asked.

Never try to copy any of the answer otherwise they’ll ask counter questions and

copied answers can’t be defended by your real personality.

Questions and answers are related to individual personality and will be different

for everyone.

There were my colleagues, and deputy asked lots of G.K. questions only so also focus

on G.K., they may ask.

Deputy President interview:

(I entered in the room and didn’t close door completely, thinking it’ll produce noise.)

Deputy: door bndkr k aayn.

Ok sir.

Deputy: bethjain. Me: thank you sir.

Deputy: Tie first time pehni ha.

No sir

Deputy: to ooper wala button q khula ha, badmashho?

No sir, grmi ha is liyaykhula ha.

Deputy: to tie pehn.nyki kiya zrurat ha?

Achi lgti ha sir.

Deputy: knsi academy se aayho jo kehti ha k tie achilgti ha?

Sir mnkisi academy se nhiaya. Aapkiijazatho to mn button bndkrletahn.

Deputy: G krlyn.  (I closed collar button)

Deputy: Family income kitni ha?

ME: (told that)

Deputy: itni kahan se aati ha?

Me: (Told resources although they were written)

Deputy: psychologist nyaap e kia questions kiyay?

Me: (I told some including question “zindgimn sab se mushkilwqtkabaya”)

Deputy: to btayn kab mushkil waqt aya?

Me: (Tell your own answer)

Deputy: to kiya bna entry test ka?

Sir mn currently university mnhn or mechanical engineering krrhahn

Deputy: knsi university mnhn? (although it was written on forms he was carrying)

MnNust se mechanical engineering krrhahn

Deputy: To aap engineering krrhyhn to CAE mn q aanachahtathn.

Me: (told my answer with solid reasoning, so u should know your own answer with solid reasoning)

Deputy: aapki matric or Fscmnkitni percentage ha?

Sir matric mn 89.9% or Fscmn 81%.

Deputy: ye marks km q hogy?

Sir mei’ny pehly b btaya k papers k doranmn 3 tests ki preparation krrhatha is liyaymn focus nhikrska?

Deputy: knsy semester mnhnaapabhi?

sir mn 2nd semester mnhn.

Deputy : 1st semester k Gpakitna ha

It was 2.97

Deputy: prhtywrhtynhihokia?

Sir mnbhatmehntkrtahnbs relative grading k first experience kiwja se marks km hogy.

Deputy: to aap farming b krtyhn?

Yes sir.

Deputy: kitnijagapr farming krtyhn?

Sir X biggay

Deputy: ye biggaykiahta ha (laughing mode)

Sir ye ak desi unit ha area ka.

Deputy: biigaymnkitnykanalhtyhn?

biggaymn 4 kanalhtyhn

Deputy: to bs Y kanaljagapr farming krtyhn?

Yes sir.

Deputy: achakiaaapki hobby science experiments krna ha?

Yes sir

Deputy: knsy experiments krtyhn?

Sir mn mostly physcis se related gadgets bnatahnghrmn

Deputy: knsy gadgets bnayabhitk

(I told names of some)

Deputy: Acha to aap turbine k parts btayn.

Sir a turbine has blades, rotor, gearbox, electric generator.

Deputy: Wo knsy aircrafts hn jo speed of sound ko cross krtyhn?

F 16 JF17 or mirage aircrafts speed of sound se fast hn.

Deputy: Kia JF 17 b fast ha speed of sound se? is ki speed kitni ha?

Sir is ki speed almost 2000Km/h ha (it was a tukka but nearly right)

Deputy: achabtayn F 16 ka engine kis company ka ha?

(I thought he asked “F 16 k engine ka mechanism kia ha”) Sir ye thrust mechanism prkaamkrta ha

Deputy: Engineer sahib mny mechanism nhi company kapoocha ha?

Sir I don’t know about the company.

Deputy: achabtayn us mirror ka area kitna ha (elliptical mirror on wall)

Sir is ka area 9 feet2 ha. (actually, it was nearly 6 feet2)

Deputy: achawaqaikese calculate kiaaapny?

Sir is ka horizontal radius 1 feet jab k vertical radius 2 feet ha average radius 1.5 feet ha then Pi *r2 se calculate kia (r2 was actually about 2.25 but I thought it is almost 3 so my answer was 3.14*3= 9 approximately)

Deputy: pi kikiya value ha??

Sir its 3.14

Deputy: btaynyhan se dryaychanab (chanab river) kistrf ha?

Yhan se dryaychanabshmal(north) kijanab ha

Deputy: shmalkistrf ha?

(I thought and pointing in the west I said) sir is trf ha north.

Deputy: nhiyaaryhan to west ha.

No sir is trf north ha.

Deputy: acha to east kistrf ha sun kaha se niklta ha?

(I pointed in north direction and said) sir is trf ha east.

Deputy: nhi bi kiyahogya ha is trf north ha bahir sun kodekhkrbtao east kistrf ha?

(after watching sun in the clouds, pointing in north I again said) sir isitrf ha east.

Deputy: achayaarmaanletyhn.

Deputy:Pakistan k north east mnkiya ha

Pakistan k north east mn China ha.

Deputy: ideal personality konsi ha?

Meryabumeryliyay ideal hn

Deputy: kiswja se wo aap k ideal hn.

Sir un ki problem solving skills leadership hmeshaschbolna or schkasathdenaykiwja se wo mery ideal hn.


Deputy: Sports kaaapny football likha ha kahankhailtyho football?

Sir village mnfaslktjany k baadkhaitunmn

Deputy: khaitunmn to kuch or b hta ha (In naughty mode)

No sir, basically faslktny k baad proper football ground bnakr hum mohaaly k players whankhailtyhn.

Deputy: jhootboltyho?

Yes sir kbhikbhi.

Deputy: merysamnykitnyjhootbolyhn?

Koi jhootnhi bola sir. (although mnyboly thy)

Deputy: ye b jhoot ha na?

No sir.

Deputy: fav. Colorknsa ha?

Light green.

Deputy: Aapnykitni obstacles kin?

Sir mny 9 out 9 sabhi kin.

Deputy: Aap k group kikitnitadaadthi?

Mery group mn 10 members thy

Deputy: aap first number kiskodngy?

Sir mnkhudko first number dnga.

Deputy: q is kikiyawaja ha?

Sir mny hr task mn initiative liya ha hard work or apni best performance d ha is liyaymnkhudko first number dnga. (Out of 10 group members more than 5 members gave me 1st position and one of those tried to recommend me in interview that was a good point in my favour. Unfortunately he was not recommemded. So believe in yourself and give your own vote to yourself)

Deputy: achaagraapkislectionnhihti to aapkiyakraingy? (it means kbhi b nhihti even after engineering)

Sir mn mechanical engineering complete krunga or apni avionics ki company bnaonga.

Deputy:O good, kischeez se drlgta ha aapko?

Sir kisi se b nhi

Deputy: kisicheezka to khofhogana?

Sir Allah k sivakisi se nhidrta

Deputy: agrmnaapko 1 lac dn to kiyakraingy?

Sir mnbaghairmehnt k kmayhuypaisynhileta.

Deputy: aapnhiletylkin suppose mnyaapkodiyay or aapnylyliyayto ab kiyakraingy?

Sir mnapnyilaqy k aikya do ghreebun k liyayrozgarbnaonga (meri stories mn b rozgarkitrfisharatha)

Deputy: kesebnaingyaaprozgar?

Sir mn un ko ye loan dnga ta k wo apna koi achakaam start krskain

Deputy: aapkiagr salary 1 lac hui to kiya wo aap u kisiko de dngyapni b wishes htihn sab ki?

Sir meri salary merimehnt se aaygiusymnapnizatprpehlykharchkruga jab k ye walypaisymnkhud k liyay use nhikrskta.

Deputy: Apny koi se 3 demerits btain.

Sir mnbhattaizbaatainkrtahn.

Deputy:han to q krtyhntaizaapki speed to F16 jesi ha

Deputy: ISSB mn koi msla to nhi ha?

Sir yhan light ka problem ha lekin I know ye government k issue kiwja se ha.  is k ilawa koi mslanhi ha

Deputy: is k ilawa koi b ni ha msla?

No sir.

Deputy: agraapabhi not recommend hojain to kiyakraingy?

Sir mndobara CAE k liyay he mazeedmehntkr k ISSB dnga.

Deputy: ok thanks aap ab jasktyhn.

Thank You sir.


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