issb picture story writing

DESCRIPTION (issb picture story writing):

  • The third most important test Picture story writing (issb picture story writing) to assess the candidate ability of thinking. In this test picture are shown on projector where candidates have to judge the picture and characters and then write out story on given picture. The pictures are shown black and white without color, and in pictures characters/ objects are invisible to find out.

Number of picture shown:

  • Candidates will show 4 pictures on projector (multimedia). For each picture time is given limited.

Time for each picture:

  • Picture (issb picture story writing) will be shown for 30 seconds on projector (multimedia), are given to candidates for check out, find out the objects and objects activities. Then after 30 seconds, 3.5 minutes are given to candidates write a suitable, readable and meaning able story on given picture. Same time duration will be given for other 3 pictures.

Tips for issb picture story writing:

  • Find out objects carefully from picture (issb picture story writing).
  • After 30 seconds, make a story in your mind before writing on page.
  • Written story must be related to yourself.
  • Write story short but meaning full.
  • Give character name, age and profession in starting of story.
  • Give conclusion of story in the last.
  • Once you completed story try to read yourself once.
  • Don’t hesitate, keep normal attitude.

issb picture story writing:

picture: 07

issb picture story writing

Scene: mountaineering expedition.

Majeed was a promising young man. He was strong, stout and sturdy. Lure of unknown always inspired hi to discovered and win the day. He therefore, volunteered for mountaineering course during his summer vacation. He loved adventurous life. After successful completion of his course, he was selected for trekking expedition. He studied lot of books on the subject and consulted coaches and senior members of expedition. He is seen in the picture collecting various items required for the said task. He did exceedingly well in the new venture in view of his strong will-power, determination and stamina. Now he aims to go for climbing Mount Everest at the first given opportunity.

picture: 08

issb picture story writing

Javed is a college student .One day he accompanied his friend Shaid and went to the employment exchange. Shaid could not continue his studies due to his family circumstances .Sine he had no experience of the employment exchange activities before he asked Javed to accompany him. At, the employment exchange Javed saw queue. Thousands of people were patiently waiting in the queue to find some job. Javed then and there determined that he should create vast scope for employment when he grows up. He wanted to help all the unemployed people. He realized that it would take considerable time for his friend to get a job in the’ prevailing unemployment situation. With this single goal in mind, i.e. creating vast employment opportunities . Javed studied hard and eventually qualified himself as a first class engineer. Then he started an automobile workshop. Soon it became a success and he expanded it into a huge industrial concern which manufactured automobiles, scooters and many other industrial goods. He was thus able to offer employment to several lakhs of people.

picture: 09

issb picture story writing

Abid was a smart, active and cheerful student of M.A. Senior Class. Though he was quite poor, he was able to pursue his studies because of his determination, hard work and keenness. Being very intelligent and attentive he had no difficulty in securing the first position and a first division in his final examinations. This earned him a scholarship to proceed with his studies without tuition fees. To meet his other expenses undertook to give tuitions to some children during the morning and evening hours. Qamar is a four ear old daughter of a rich industrialist and Abid was he tuition in aster. Although keen to take tuition from Abid . Qarnar refused to go to school. In The picture we see Ahid per sanding Qarnar to go to school. He motivated the child by promising to tell her interesting stories. He also told the child that she could play and hear many stories at the school. The after Qarnar went to school with enthusiasm. Qamar’s father watched Abid ability to influence others successfully. He so appreciated his intelligence, industry, self-confidence and sustained efforts of the young man to better his lot. When Abid completed his MA. with distinction he was absorbed by Qamar’s father in his big firm as a junior executive, Displaying remarkable leadership qualities, Abid rose to a very high position in a short period and made valuable contribution towards the industrialization of his motherland.

picture: 10

issb picture story writing

Aziz was a smart and capable police officer. He was bold confident and devoted to his duty. One day a kidnapping case was reported to hide out with police party but could not located them. He decided to go further on the road in his car, to find further clues if any. On the way he saw the kidnapped girl lying unconscious on the road. At once he rushed to her rescue and gave her first aid. The girl Rifat then said that she managed to slip out from the dacoits but fainted on the road because of hunger and fatigue. She was afraid that the dacoits would kill her little brother as soon as they discovered her escape. Aziz therefore decided to face the dacoits single handed. Rifat led him to the secret hide out. Aziz shot and wounded them when they tried to attack him. Thus by his brave and timely act Aziz succeeded in saving two young lives.

picture: 11

issb picture story writing

Javed a student of Punjab University in M.A .first year was pleasant, cheerful and an active young man .He stood first in the University and scored a distinction in his B.A. and he was now confident of repeating this creditable performance in his MA. Examinations . He was equally good in the sports field and distinguished himself as the champion athlete and hockey player.. His residence was about 8 miles away from the college and he went by cycle everyday to attend the college. One day as he was proceeding to the college on his cycle, he noticed a young couple on a scooter attempting to take a sudden turn, unaware of the bus approaching at terrific speed from the rear. Javed realized that unless he did something drastic. drew the attention of the driver towards the pavement and made his apply the brakes, there would be a sudden collision resulting in a fatal scooter accident. In a split second his mind was made up. He swiftly moved to the right, came on to the middle of the road, right in front of the bus. Then letting the cycle run a few feet on its own he dived towards the pavement. The bus driver jammed his brakes but the cycle was already under its front wheels. However, the bus had served to the left and the coupe on the scooter escaped from being run over. Thus Javed’s bold and courageous act saved two precious lives that day.

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issb picture story writing

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