picture story writing

DESCRIPTION (picture story writing):

  • The third most important test (Picture story writing) to assess the candidate ability of thinking. In this test picture are shown on projector where candidates have to judge the picture and characters and then write out story on given picture. The pictures are shown black and white without color, and in pictures characters/ objects are invisible to the find out.  

Number of picture shown:

  • Candidates will show 4 pictures on projector (multimedia). For each picture time is given limited.

Time for each picture:

  • Picture (Picture story writing) will be shown for 30 seconds on projector (multimedia), are given to candidates for check out, find out the objects and objects activities. Then after 30 seconds, 3.5 minutes are given to candidates write a suitable, readable and meaning able story on given picture. Same time duration will be given for other 3 pictures.

Tips for Picture story writing:

  • Find out objects carefully from picture.
  • After 30 seconds, make a story in your mind before writing on page.
  • Written story must be related to yourself.
  • Write story short but meaning full.
  • Give character name, age and profession in starting of story.
  • Give conclusion of story in the last.
  • Once you completed story try to read yourself once.
  • Don’t hesitate, keep normal attitude.

List of Solved Picture story writing for the ISSB:

Picture: 01

Picture Story writing

Scene: A child being rushed to hospital.

Dawood was an active member of scouting organisation. He was energetic, brave and selfless worker (always ready for yeoman’s services). One day while going to see a movie, he heard a voice near his house, checked with mental and physical agony. He rushed inside the house and found a lady (who was crying) with a small child who was unconscious. He went back home and called his mother urgent assistance. They called for ambulance and rushed to nearby hospital.

The doctor examined the child and gave him necessary medicines, required at critical moment. The child was thus saved in time. The lady after some days, on recovery of her child, went to Dawood’s house and expressed her gratitude.

Picture: 02

picture story writing

Scene: Two men are looking at each other while a lady is Gazing at them.

Rashid and Shabbir are two brothers. The, unfortunately lost their parents in Jammu and Kashmir riots. They owned apple gardens and agricultural land; hence were quite well-off. After migration, Rashid started own business in Karachi, whilst Shabbir continued his study in computer science. After successfully completion of the course, he was selected for scholarship by California University. Intelligent and hard-working as he was got distinction and was offered a lucrative job. But he preferred to serve his motherland. He started his own computer science enterprise and started importing training to many a young men for their resettlement. Sobia a brilliant student of Shabbir enterprising, showed her desire to become Shabbir’s life partner. They both had gone to the elder brother to seek his blessing. Here in the picture is seen Sobia looking at both brothers for green sign and it was okayed.

Picture: 03

picture story writing

Scene: A young man taking to a group of villagers.

It was during 1947, when invaders across the border penetrated into Kashmir valley. It that critical juncture, Shabbir made-up his mind to lend a helping hand to his villages, who were totally disturbed. He, therefore, appealed to his village people to come together in the community. He fervently appealed to each one of them to shed their personal differences and distinction of class, colour and creed. This appeal had a healing effect. Shabbir approached their local military commander and offered services of his villagers whole-heatedly.

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