Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Picture Story Writing in ISSB (Part-01)


  • The third most important test (Picture Story Writing in ISSB) to assess the candidate ability of thinking. In this test picture are shown on projector where candidates have to judge the picture and characters and then write out story on given picture. The pictures are shown black and white without color, and in pictures characters/ objects are invisible to find out.  

Number of picture shown:

  • Candidates will show 4 pictures on projector (multimedia). For each picture time is given limited.

Time for each picture:

  • Picture will be shown for 30 seconds on projector (multimedia), are given to candidates for check out, find out the objects and objects activities. Then after 30 seconds, 3.5 minutes are given to candidates write a suitable, readable and meaning able story on given picture. Same time duration will be given for other 3 pictures.

Tips for writing story on picture:

  1. Find out objects carefully from picture.
  2. After 30 seconds, make a story in your mind before writing on page.
  3. Written story must be related to yourself.
  4. Write story short but meaning full.
  5. Give character name, age and profession in starting of story.
  6. Give conclusion of story in the last.
  7. Once you completed story try to read yourself once.
  8. Don’t hesitate, keep normal attitude.


  • (Picture Story Writing in ISSB) These are test, Psychological tests (WAT, Picture story writing, Pointer story writing, SCT) which decide recommendation of candidates because interview will conduct on these tests base.

Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Some solved picture example is given below:

Picture# 01:

Picture Story writing in issb

Scene: A man at workshop

Hamid joined army as a mechanic. He was B.Sc, but could not succeed in clearing ISSB for commission. He did not lose heart and set his heart in Army workshop. By dint of hard work he was promoted subedar. He was greatly loved by one and all as he was a helping hand and was ever-ready to work.

CO was also very pleased with his hard-work and integrity. On introduction of special technical commission, he applied for the same. He was strongly recommended by CO and next higher formation commander. He came in merit list. After six months of training, he got regular commission in the rank lieutenant and has proved a successful technical officer.

Picture# 02:

Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A notice board – “un-employment”

Mr. Ahmed, after graduation was in a search of a suitable job. But all in vain; although he knocked at many doors of employment exchange and other offices. He then change his mind for service and joined a technical institution.

After successful completion of 3 years course, he started his own automobile work-shop, with the sustained and un-tiring efforts, he was able to expand his work into huge industrial concern; manufacturing automobile and another concern engineering goods and spare parts. Mr Ahmed is not only well-settled in life but offering employment to suitable candidates.

Picture# 03:

Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A man standing before a grave yard.

Phillip was hardly 5 years old, where he lost his mother. He was therefore brought up by his father and grand-mother. He was greatly loved not only by his father but by all kiths, kins and friends. He was very intelligent, cordial and cooperative. His father (who was chief engineer) gave him an excellent coaching. He was selected for computer engineer course and offered scholarship by Harvard University of United States. He topped in the University and won laurel for his country.

While abroad, he was shocked to learn about the sudden demise of his father. But as per latter’s advice, he continued his studies. He was offered coveted post abroad, but declined it to serve his motherland.

Phillip on landing in Pakistan immediately went to grave of his father and paid homage uttering those words “Whatever I am today I owe it to my mother and father” and promise I will serve my motherland.

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