• It is also just same interview as in Initial/ Preliminary process
  • These are in Urdu language however you can also use English
  • These interviews are taken by two persons individually and are known as:
  • Both are explain below

  1. Deputy President’s Interview:
  2. Psychologist’s Interview:


  • It is also the same interview as of Deputy but it is conducted by Psychologist Captain or Major rank officer of Army/Navy/PAF
  • The psychologist may be male or female
  • Interview is in Urdu
  • It is also shortly written as Psych Interview
  • In Psych Interview your mind is checked
  • Psych compares your Psych Tests with your personality if you have written anything wrong/right
  • He will also check your personality
  • He will also ask some questions of negative sense but your answer should be in positive sense

He may ask some of the following questions:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why you want to join Army/Navy/PAF
  3. What is your best hobby
  4. Have you any g.f?
  5. What is the thing between your legs?
  6. What do you like in girls?
  7. Suppose you are in a drawing room and your sister comes
  8. naked what you will do
  9. Who is the Ms. X ( Ms. X = girl’s name you had write in Story)
  10. What is difference in girls and boys?
  11. Who is your best friend in village and why?
  12. What is your mother age?
  13. What do you think about love?
  14. Can I call to your sister?
  15. If you are order to jump from the window what will you do?
  16. Who is the best in your family?
  17. If you are selected but your mother say not to join Army/Navy/PAF what will you do?

In case of female Psych:

  1. What do you like in me?
  2. What is your thoughts about my chest?
  3. Do you like to sex with me?
  4. Do something which makes me loving you?
  5. If a girl enters your room at midnight what you will do
  6. with her?
  7. Do you like to marry with me?
  8. If you see a person in front of your home what will you do?
  9. And such types of many questions which will be related to your forms entries and psych tests


  1. Sadia Abbas says:

    Are Same questions related to psychology asked by female candidates????

    1. zameerali says:

      If female candidate will face female Psychologist, that means interview would be 85% same as for boys candidates.
      If Psychologist is male then interview would be 70% same as for boys candidates. while male Psychologist interview from female candidate, some questions will be filtered.

    2. Shafqat Mumtaz Ali says:

      This is islamic country. This is not good way to take interview . shamefull law. This is going to follow non muslims.

  2. Tariq Abbas says:

    Mostly they ask you questions from your psych test and they just confirming that is your personality match with what you have written and now psych interview is just for those candidates who are selected

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