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  • Sentence Completion Test in ISSB is a part of Psychologist Test. This Test is also known as SCT. It is a personality Test in ISSB. In ISSB Sentence Completion Test a candidate is given a paper on which partial incomplete sentences are written and a candidate has to complete these sentences in his own words.
  • In ISSB, this test is taken by Psychologist to find out your personality traits and character. Sentence complete by a candidate is related to the candidate life.

Purpose of Sentence Completion Test:

  • Sentence Completion Test is used to analyze candidate thought, motives and attitudes and conflicts. A psychologist usually judges candidate personality by reading the sentences completed by a candidate.

The procedure of Sentence Completion Test in issb

  • The candidate is provided with a paper on which 26 partial incomplete sentences are written. You have to complete the sentences in 6 minutes. There are two pages given two you one by one. Both of which have 26 sentences on each to complete. So, the total sentences are 54.
  • Same situation is for Urdu Sentences too.


  • It is not necessary for a candidate to complete all the sentences but it is good to complete all sentences. Because it will show your resourcefulness. Be natural and true in completing the sentences. Because the sentence you complete is based on your own life(It is considered by Psychologist). 

Some practice Examples of ISSB Sentence Completion Test:

  1. When he is free____
  2. When I m free_____
  3. I recognized that___
  4. He is needless to say__
  5. He is poor but__
  6. He plans to__
  7. Until you apologize__
  8. He feels sorry because__
  9. It is painful___
  10. He is considered to b___
  11. She solved the problem because __
  12. I am having trouble____
  13. In his dream___
  14. After dream__
  15. He got up at mid night__
  16. To shave his skin he___
  17. He hates to__
  18. He needed help because __
  19. I feel hurt___
  20. He missed__
  21. The result of this conflict__
  22. At the last time___
  23. As last resort___
  24. I feel bad__
  25. You should remember___
  26. Never ever judge___
  27. he was invited___
  28. In my family___
  29. In his family__
  30. He got the message that__
  31. On seeing a stranger__
  32. He got__
  33. It deal a girt deal of courage__
  34. They became so rich___
  35. After getting addmition in college____
  36. My parent are___
  37. The source of has straight is ___
  38. He was surprised___
  39. Beautiful girls___
  40. On his way__
  41. I am very___
  42. My fault was____
  43. His fault is___
  44. My fault is__
  45. I was surprised to know___
  46. His aim was___
  47. My brother____
  48. All my senses__
  49. He has to accept that___
  50. In a v short time__
  51. After success he__
  52. If u have nothing to do______
  53. He was alarmed when___
  54. He was under pressure___
  55. I can’t understand why_____
  56. In a fit of range, he___
  57. He never tires of____
  58. If you insult him___
  59. In his childhood___
  60. It is bad hobbit to____
  61. It is very seldom that he____
  62. It is the high time that___
  63. I have applied___
  64. I always feel that__
  65. You may like__
  66. He spread the rumour that__
  67. It is beyond my knowledge____
  68. At last I hope__
  69. He objected that__
  70. He objected to___
  71. In my thoughts______
  72. To support himself___
  73. He felt ashamed of ___
  74. When the chief came____
  75. He is shy____
  76. It seem as if___

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sentence completion test (English)

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