solved picture story writing for issb

solved picture story writing for issb (Picture# 02)

Picture #02:

solved picture story writing for issb

Scene: Young boy is diving in the river and a young girl is looking at him.

Written by Candidate #01: Javaid and Rehana were students in the same college. They developed a great liking for each other which ultimately made them to  fall in love with each other. Rehana was also a distinguished sports woman and she was selected to represent our country it the Asian Games. Before her departure to Malaysia for taking part in the Asian Games, she went out on a picnic with Javaid.  There Rehana happened to drop her purse by accident in the river. Her passport, etc, were inside the purses and Javed was aware of it. He made up his mind in a flash and dived in river. Because of this prompt and quick action he was able to retrieve Rehana’s purse and She was able to participate in the Asian Games. In due course they got married and led a very happy life.

Comments: This story highlights the warm friendly approach of the author in the social field. We find the friendship between the two characters up in their developing into mutual level for each and finally ending marriage. Both the characters in the story are willing to exert themselves and make certain sacrifices for the sake of the others. We find the hero snaking up his mind without hesitation and plunging into action instantaneously. The author thus displayed his aptitude for adventure and attitude for enterprising action-and hard working. We see the characters expressing absolute confidence and the story ending on a positive note. Excellent material and stands. SELECTED

Written by Candidate #02: Asha was the most beautiful and extremely charming girl in the college. She knew that she was beautiful and each day dressed up in such a way that it made all the boys go absolutely crazy after her. But she was also a proud and naughty person. Ajmal was extremely infatuated with her beauty and fell madly in love with her. However, Asha ignored him completely. She refused even to speak a few words with him. Thus only increased the madness of Ajmal. He kept at her all the time and found out that Asha went alone to the river bank in her Hostel park to study undisturbed. One day Ajmal surprised Asha near the river bank and tried to molest her. Asha got angry and gave him a powerful push which sent him reeling into the water. Soon he was drowning and cried out for help. When Asha attempted to help, she also fell into the river and was swept by the strong currents. Thus both had a sad and tragic ending.

Comments: The characters in the story are not acting in harmony and with understanding. There is violent disagreement and the end is tragic: The author reveals an individualistic approach and an uncompromising attitude. The stress is on exercising authority in an autocratic manner rather than extending cooperation and sharing responsibility. Socially this candidate is not flexible and will not be able to adapt himself to varying situations. He is more influenced by dogmas and preconceived nations and is not receptive to new ideas. Not considered suitable for team work and cooperative. REJECTED.

Written by Candidate #03: Tariq and Rani were madly in love with each other. They were both studying in the same college. Tariq was the only son and his parents were very rich and belonged to a welt to do family. Rani’s parents were miserably poor. Tariq and Rani also belonged to different castes. Therefore, the parents, on both sides were opposed to their getting married. Tariq and Rani thought it was worthless to remain alive, if they could not get married. They finally decided to put an end to their lives to teach a lesson to one and all. In the picture we see Tariq plunging into the water to end his life. Rani could not stand and sight. Suddenly her courage left her and she cried for help. But it was already too late. Tariq had been swept away by the fast currents. Rani was afraid to go back and face here parents now. Finally she closed her eyes and jumped into the water.

Comments: The author depicts a gloomy and frustrated scene in this story. The characters lack courage and mental stamina to fight against their difficulties, they give in to easily and find the easy way out. This candidate will give up when the going gets tough. He lacks out. This candidate ac self confidence and display a pessimistic attitude. Socially he will prove to be a rigid and retiring type. A poor material. REJECTED

Written by Candidate #04: Nisar is a bold and spirited young man, studying in the final B.Sc. He is a hearty and social type who was popular with all the other students. Once his college took out an excursion to a historical spot. Nisar proved to be the live wire of the excursion party. Zahida, the college beauty queen was also in the party, threw a challenge to Nisar on the spur of the moment. She asked him to jump into the river, swim across to the other shore and bring back some apples from the orchard there. She thought Nisar will not accept this hazardous task. To her utter surprise Nisar accepted the challenge and plunged into the river. The swift currents and the deep waters did not deter him. Exhibiting great courage, remarkable physical ability and redoubtable mental stamina he went ahead and completed his task. Zahida realized how deeply he was attached to her, since he took such grave risk in order to prove his love for her. Later they got married and lived as an ideal and devoted couple.

Comments: The story opens with a bright account obits hero. We find him to be well equipped in the intellectual dynamic and social fields. He has abundant energy, enthusiasm and self confidence. We find him to be a socially well adjusted individual and an. excellent mixer. He likes adventures and proves to be very enterprising and dashing. He seeks tout d accepts new responsibilities fresh opportunities on his own initiative and accepts new responsibilities readily and eagerly. He. exhibits admirable physical stamina, resourcefulness and mental alertness. The author displays an optimistic approach and sound leadership qualities. SELECTED.


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