solved picture story writing for issb

solved picture story writing for issb (Picture# 03)

Picture #03:

solved picture story writing for issb

Scene: boy intends to go and a girl is holding his arm.

Written by Candidate #01: Javaid is a hard working and .brilliant engineer. He has been appointed as the Chief Engineer In-charge of the multi-purpose dam. Intact he conceived the very idea of the darn and was associated with the project from the drawing board stage to final completion. It was because of his untiring work, zeal and ability to lead the labour force and other staff that the dam could be completed in a record period. The dam was found to be a great boon to the people of the country and brought prosperity and comfort to them. One night he suddenly got a telephone call stating that some armed dacoits have wrecked the power house and they are now bent upon blastining the dam itself and flooding the whole of three districts. We see in the picture Javaid rushing out from his house to save the dam. His wife advised him to be careful since the dacoits would not hesitate to harm him. Javaid jumped into his jeep and rushed to the dam site. In the meantime his wife rang up the local police and military and asked them to rush aid to the Chief Engineer and his men. Since Javaid was an inspiring leader the duty crew stood by him and faced the miscreants with remarkable course. The dacoits found they could not frighten Javaid and his men and eventually, they beat retreat. But Javaid was too quick and by closing the exit gates he trapped them. Meanwhile police and military aid arrived. Because of the timely and imaginative acts of Javaid and his young pretty wife the darn saved and the dacoits were caught. The couple were honoured for their prompt and courageous action. Javaid succeeded in building many more dams and bringing great economic prosperity and wealth to his country.

Comments: the author of his story reveals a positive and constructive approach. He has depicted the characters in the story as intelligent, hard working and courageous In the face of danger the characters are able to act with speed and imagination. There is a harmonious relationship in the working of the two characters. The hero reveals courage dash and good leadership. He is able to inspire, lead his men, invoke cooperation from others and get things done. The story has alos optimistic ending. The author has positive aspirations and hopes for the future and is hopeful of the outcome and his ability to accomplish them. A sound and well balanced individual who is best suited for leadership tasks. STRONGLY ECOMMENDED FOR SELECTION

Written by Candidate #02: Yousaf and Shamim were working in the same office and they fell in love with each other. One day Yousaf quarrelled with the boss and hence his services were terminated. We find Yousaf in tears and he is bidding good bye to Shamim. Yousaf is regretting as to why he quarrelled with the boss. He also did not listen to the advice of Shamim when she pleaded with him not to fight with the boss, especially so, since Yousaf was in the wrong and he did not do the office work assigned to him properly. Yousaf could not get a job and Shamim refused to marry him. At last Yousaf could not get a job and Shamim refused to marry him. At last Yousaf become very angry and desperate. One day he way laid Shamim when she was going to the office and stabbed her. Thereafter he became mad and was confined to a mental hospitaIl for life.

Comments: This story reveals an emotionally disturbed individual who cannot adjust himself harmoniously to his surroundings. He is rigid and quarrelsome. In spite of his being in the wrong and knowing he would be losing his job, he fights with his boss. This displays an irresponsible attitude. He also lacks the courage to awn up his mistakes. The other character in the story also has been depicted as a selfish and undependable person. Shamim ignores the one whom she loved when the lover loses his joy. It shows a weak character lacking insincerity. The story has a negative ending. The author reveals a pessimistic attitude. The individual is not suited for leadership assignments. STRONGLY REJECTED.

Written by Candidate #03: Aslam and Razia were a young and newly married couple. Aslam was a race addict but he did not reveal the fact to Razia before he got married to her. Later when Razia discovered this habit of her husband she pleaded with him to give it up. But Aslam could not give up. He sold all the jewels of Razia, borrowed heavily and lost everthing in the races. We find Razia who is in the family way finally appealed to Aslam not to go for races. But Aslam could not overcome his temptation, shrugged himself free from his pleading wife and rushed to the races. Razia could not brear the sock. She suffered a heart attack and died. Aslam again lost in the races and on returning home learned about Razia’s sad ending. His conscience pricked him and he committed suicide by falling before an express train.

Comments: The hero in this story has been depicted as an individual lacking in courage and determination. He knows his weakness but hides it from his would be wife. He lacks the will power to put an end to as bad habit although it is running him and his family life. Even the pleading of his wife, who was in the family way could not make him stay away from the races. He proves to be selfish and inconsiderate. Finally, he takes his own life. He does not reform and do some service to the community to alone for his faults. Thus we find him to be coward running away from life. The heroine also proves to be a weak person. She gives in easily rather than facing facts and fighting her way out to victory. The author is thus a weak, selfish individual lacking in will power and determination. NOT SELECTED.

Written by Candidate #04: Shahid is a smart and capable pilot in the Pakistan Air Force who is now on leave. He just got married and has come to the hill station dim morning with his bride to spend his honeymoon. At night from Radio Pakistan, he heard that India has attacked on Pakistan. There was also an appeal asking all military personal to report to duty immediately. Shahid took leave of his bride although his honeymoon has not really started yet. He did not even waste even a minute and already his mind has gone back to his operation base, his jet aircraft and how he should tackle the Indian fighters, bombers, radar and ground defences. During the war he fought and he was the first to shoot down and destroy an Indian aircraft. He volunteered for all dangerous missions and destroyed enemy aircraft and vital targets at the risk of his personal life. The nation honoured him by awarding him the highest award for gallantry and valour in War. Because of brave deeds by people like Shahid and his gallant comrades Pakistan won a glorious victory over India. After the war ended Shahid was promoted to senior rank and posted abroad for further training. At that time he took his wife also with him and they had a happy honeymoon and very enjoyable time.

Comments: The author of this story reveals a well motivated and constructive approach. He expresses himself crisply and clearly with telling effect. We find a high sense of responsibility, great courage and readiness to sacrifice on/ the part of the hero. He displays initiative, enterprise and keen sense of duty. He sets an example for others to emulate and follow. The authority appears to be well informed about facts. A purposeful, determined individual who is willing to take risks boldly. He looks to the future with optimism and hope. His approach is positive. SPECIALLY RECOMMENDED FOR SELECTION.


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