solved picture story writing for issb

solved picture story writing for issb (Picture# 04)

Picture #04:

solved picture story writing for issb

Scene: A boy is going on a*scooter and a girl is signalling him to stop.

Written by Candidate #01: Saleem was a smart and competent engineer in a firm. He came out first in the University and secured a distinction. Initially he was keen to go abroad for his M.E. and even obtained a scholarship. Just then his father suddenly passed away and Saleem had to shoulder the responsibility of supporting his mother and young sister. He shelved his plan to go abroad for the time being and applied for a job. At the interview he fared very well and secured the job as a maintenance engineer. The firm also gave him a loan to buy a scooter. One day Saleem was returning home from office on his scooter. He was tired and hungry. As he was nearing his house a young  girl signalled him to stop. She wanted him to give her a lift and take her to a nursing, home urgently. The nursing home was far away and in the opposite direction. Being a sympathetic and helpful person Saleem agreed to her request and took her to the nursing home where he met the father of the girl. Saleem discovered that the girl’s father was a millionaire. The girt took a liking for Saleem and ultimately they fell in love with each other and got married Saleem went abroad with his wife to pursue his higher studies. His ambition was realized.

Comments: The hero has been described by the author as keen, intelligent man and industrious-personality. He makes sacrifices in order to meet the requirements of others. He gives precedence to duty over his mi personal ambitions. He is able to make up his mind swiftly and succeeds in finding a job. Although tired and hungry, the hero accepts new responsibilities in order to help an utter stranger without any ulterior motives. The author thus gives indication en leadership qualities urge, initiative and enterprise. He has an optimistic attitude. SELECTED.

Written by Candidate #02: Nadeem was the only son of his parents and was given to of indulgence. He became obstinate and got used to having his own way. He was reasonably intelligent but too lazy to put in systematic hard work. Explaining that Journey by bus to the college meant delay and waste or time, he forced his father to buy him a scooter. Once he got the scooter, he rarely attended the classes but ran around the town most of the time. He was too eager to oblige beautiful girls and give them a lift but refused to give such help to elderly ladies or men. Once a beautiful looking girl asked for a far lift to a far away lonely place and Nadeem readily agreed without thinking. At the lonely spot he found that the girl was decay. He was surrounded there by gang of ruffians who accused him of molesting the girl, Nadeem lost his temper and fought with them. One of them stabbed Nadeem and he finally succumbed to his injuries.

Comments: This story we find the author giving prominence to the anti-social and irresponsible activities of hits characters. Both the characters in the story are selfish and irresponsible. The hero is emotional f and unstable. He is rash and acts without thinking, carried away by his emotions, He lacks judgement and fact when faced with a difficult situation he is unable to find a workable solution to gel over the problem. The story has a pessimistic ending. The author thus indicates a lack of social responsibility. He is likely to jump to conclusions and create problems. He is unlikely to have patience and perseverance to accomplish a challenging task. His selfish approach might earn his many enemies. Not suitable. (REJECTED)

Written by Candidate #03: Mazhar was handsome and well built but poor in his studies. In spite of repeated efforts he failed to make the grade in the college and joined a small firm as a clerk. However, he wanted to impress others, particularly young attractive girls. Now and then he used to borrow the scooter from one of his friends and offer lift to the girls. When the friends refused to loan the scooter, Mazhar became desperate and began to steal them from public parking places and later abandon them. His initial success in this field emboldened him to take liberty with the girls. Once in the guise of offering a lift to a girl student, he took her and ran to a lonely spot. The girl decided to take revenge on him. While running, the girls suddenly pushed Mazhar from his driving seat while theirs scooter was approaching a lorry coming at a traffic speed from the opposite direction. In the next minute, the scooter dashed against the lorry and was run over with its occupants.

Comments: An involved and confusing story. The characters lack harmonious and healthy outlook. The hero is selfish and resorts to antisocial activities. He yields to temptations readily and proves to be lacking in self control. The heroine acts in fits and starts. She wakes up too late and lakes recourse to desperate and fatal remedies. The author appears to be a frustrated individual smarting under several disappointments. He lacks the will to fight and gives in reality. He is likely to blame others for his own shortcomings and failures. Unfit for group endeavours. REJECTED

Written by Candidate #04: Shahid a final year M.A student was a pleasant cheerful and most popular individual. He was also an excellent orator and able organiser and in consequence was unanimously elected as the President of the students union. One day there was a lightening strike by the employees of the bus transport and the students found themselves stranded. Many of the girl students were unable to reach home and it was already getting late Taxis were not available. Shahid came to their rescue and organised a team of students who owned scooters to drop the stranded girl students safely at their residences. He himself made several trips covered over 100 miles and reached many students safely home. Mumtaz was one among them and she was the last one to be dropped by him. Mumtaz introduced Shahid to her parents. Mumtaz’s father was a big industrialist. He appreciated the initiative and responsible attitude of Shahid and invite him to join his firm. Shahid joined the firm after completing his studies. In due course he also got married to Mumtaz.. the two of them did great service to the people of their town by organising various social activities and institutions on a voluntary basis.

Comments: A good narrative which highlights the strong and favourable personality traits of the characters in the story. The hero is socially well up and displays definite capacity for organisation and co-ordination. He is seen to enjoy an exalted elected position. He is ready to help others and takes an additional responsibility on his own initiative. He is able to obtain ready cooperation. The author has drive and positive approach. He reveals urge and enterprise. SELECTED


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