solved picture story writing for issb

solved picture story writing for issb (Picture# 01)

Picture #01:

solved picture story writing for issb

Scene: A young boy and a young in are sitting on a bench in a garden and the girl is holding her forehead with her right hand.

Written by Candidate #01: Nazir and Shabnam were an ideal, happy couple. They were both students in the same college; loved each other dearly an got married although there were caste differences. Nazir set up practice as a doctor and soon became a very popular physician. He was kind and sympathetic and often treated the poor people free. India attacked Pakistan and our Army needed many doctors. Nazir decided to join the army, go to the forward area and render medical’ aid to our brave soldiers. He broke the news  gently to Shabnam Who was then in the family way. In the picture we find him talking to her and giving her all the encouragement. Shabnam was a brave girl. Like her husband she also gave precedence to the nation’s interest over her own. She encouraged and supported Nazir in his decision. Nazir joined the army with a light heart, rendered great service and saved thousands of wounded soldiers from the jaws of death. He was awarded a gallantry medal for his bravery showing on the field. A tier the War was over. he returned home and joined his wife and son. He continued to serve his motherland for many years as a famous and renowned doctor.

Comments:  In this story the author display an imaginative mind, adequate motivation and a purposeful approach. The hero has been pictured as a capable, competent and industrious. He is sociable and friendly. We find him as a cheerful and happy person leading a happy and harmonious life. He is ready to sacrifice and take a firm and prompt decision. He is able to obtain the cooperation and willing support from his wife. He reveal the capacity to win and influence others. The ending is cheerful and optimistic. A positive oriented individual who is intelligent and industrious. Has definite ability to lead and co-ordinate. Highly Recommended (SELECTED)

Written by Candidate #02: Rani was a rather and reserved girl. When she joined the college her classmates made fun-of her arid began joking. Ram could not tolerate this, She escaped from them and ran to a bench in the lawn of the college broke down. She began crying. Aslam, also a newcomer, was just passing through when he heard Rani sobbing. He went around the tree and saw her crying. Lie was a kind and gentle boy and to see anyone in this state made him unhappy. He went over to her and confronted her with kind and reasoning words. Rani found him a very understanding person and before she realised it, poured all her troubles in his ear. Aslam listened to her and comforted her. After sometime she realised this but said nothing, Rani felt sorry and said to Aslam. “I hope this will not happen again”. She felt reassured and it was a very different Rani which walked into class the next morning. Gone was the shyness. instead there was a merry and happy girl in her place.

Comments: The author a pears to have a sensitive mind. He gets upset even with trivial things. It is likely that the candidate have difficulty to put stress and strains without outside help and assistance. He reveals himself a dependent. We find the girl in the story running away from the class. She is not able to stand up to the leasing her-classmates. She appears to be touchy. She starts crying. But with the help a friend she is able to come round. We find that On the next day, she is a different person; in other words the author is able to learn and improve. He needs help and guidance and it is difficult to say whether he can solve the problem when such aid is not forthcoming. This is a marginal or border-line case. He can be given a chance depending upon how he has fared in other tests. If necessary, further probing to done to decide his case. (REJECTED)

Written by Candidate #03: When Asia reached college she was not in good humour. A number of irritating circumstances had clopped up which put her in bad humour. It was the last straw, when she lost her history note book. She burst into tears. Inam, her class mate and her social friend came up to her and led her to a bench under a tree in the college –campus. He gave her his handkerchief and promised to find her note-hook. Inam was so kind and understanding that Asia’s had -humour soon vanished and it was a much happier, cheerful and Asia attended her class.

Comments: This story inclines us to conclude that the author somewhat a moody or touchy individual. He is likely to give way under stress. He may not be able to stag calm and unruffled when think go wrong. He might have difficulty in getting along with others. We notice certain rigidity and un-accommodative temperament on the part of the heroine. She has been depicted as a sulky and complaining type. The author may have considerable difficulty in adjusting himself with strangers. It is doubtful whether he can make up the deficiencies with training. Unlikely to make the grade. REJECTED

Written by Candidate #04: Nadeem and Shabnam were both students of Medical college, studying in second year. Nadeem came from a well-to-do family whereas Shahnam was not all rich. With great difficulty they managed to admit her to the medical college. With this Shabnam had to do most of house work too, so she had not much time to prepare for the coming examinations and failed to get promoted to the third year. As soon as she knew the results, it was natural for her to cry. Nadeem, her best friend, saw her crying, sitting under one of the trees in the college. After coming to know the reasons he told her that he could do all he could to help her to get promoted the next year, so Shabnam felt relieved and worked very hard the next year with Nadeem’s help and came out in flying colours in the result.

Comments: This story reveals that the author is a warm and sociable type who makes sincere efforts to improve his lot. He has ambitions and has problems by himself. Now and then he might turn to others for help and guidance. However, he can he patient and -preserving. He will carry on in spite or adverse circumstances. The story has a joyful ending and this indicates the positive mental attitude of the author. He is ready to cooperate and learn from his mistakes. His warm and friendly social approach enables him to win over the help of the others. Given the chance, the candidate will be able to do a good job. RECOMMENDED.


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