Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB (Part-05)


  • The third most important test (Picture story writing) to assess the candidate ability of thinking. In this test picture are shown on projector where candidates have to judge the picture and characters and then write out story on given picture. The pictures are shown black and white without color, and in pictures characters/ objects are invisible to find out.  

Number of picture shown:

  • Candidates will show 4 pictures on projector (multimedia). For each picture time is given limited.

Time for each picture:

  1. Find out objects carefully from picture.
  2. After 30 seconds, make a story in your mind before writing on page.
  3. Written story must be related to yourself.
  4. Write story short but meaning full.
  5. Give character name, age and profession in starting of story.
  6. Give conclusion of story in the last.
  7. Once you completed story try to read yourself once.
  8. Don’t hesitate, keep normal attitude.


  • These are test, Psychological tests (WAT, Picture story writing, Pointer story writing, SCT) which decide recommendation of candidates because interview will conduct on these tests base.

List of Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB with detail

Some solved picture example is given below:

Picture# 13:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A true sports man.

Mr Azhar was not only mentally alert, but also physically fit too. He topped in Xth class and also excelled in athletics. His burning desire was to win ward for his country in the national/international field. It pained him a lot, when he found that a vast country like Pakistan, having more than 14 crores people won only one bronze medal in the last Olympic. He therefore, set his sight at athletics (especially practised for pole-vault) under able guidance of national coach Mr Walidad. Firstly he took part in interschool athletics meet and won 2nd prize; later at district level and then at national level meets. Finally in the international competition he was proud to obtain silver medal in pole-vault event. This brought glory for the country.

Picture# 14:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A boat in the sea and two persons in it.

Ali and his sister Robina were living near the sea. They were fond of rowing boat, which was their first hobby. One Sunday morning they both sailed in a boat. It was bright day and cool breeze was blowing. Both of them were enjoying nature as they were proceeding further in the sea.

All of a sudden, clouds started hovering over sky. It started raining in torrents. Sea became rough, and boat began to toss up and down. Unfortunately, it developed a crack and water began to gush in. Robina got scared, but Ali did not lose the heart and remained cool. He took off his shirt and asked her sister to plug the hole. With his determination and courage he saved himself and his sister’s life.

Picture# 15:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A lady offering money to a boy.

Shahida was a rich widow and living alone in here bungalow. One mid-night burglers entered her room and began to snatch her jewellery and other valuable articles. The widow, finding a chance, raised an alarm , shouting thief, thief. Sahil a sturdy and stocky built scout boy heard the cry and rushed to the scene with Aslam, his good friend. They pounced upon the robbers. While others escaped in darkness, two of them were caught, who were holding booty. The boys snatched the bundle and returned it to the lady the lady then gave some money as reward to Sahil. Sahil, a good boy didn’t accept it saying that he did part of his society; hence deserved no reward.

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