Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB (Part-03)


  • The third most important test (Picture story writing) to assess the candidate ability of thinking. In this test picture are shown on projector where candidates have to judge the picture and characters and then write out story on given picture. The pictures are shown black and white without color, and in pictures characters/ objects are invisible to find out.  

Number of picture shown:

  • Candidates will show 4 pictures on projector (multimedia). For each picture time is given limited.

Time for each picture:

  1. Find out objects carefully from picture.
  2. After 30 seconds, make a story in your mind before writing on page.
  3. Written story must be related to yourself.
  4. Write story short but meaning full.
  5. Give character name, age and profession in starting of story.
  6. Give conclusion of story in the last.
  7. Once you completed story try to read yourself once.
  8. Don’t hesitate, keep normal attitude.


  • These are test, Psychological tests (WAT, Picture story writing, Pointer story writing, SCT) which decide recommendation of candidates because interview will conduct on these tests base.

Some solved picture example is given below:

Picture# 07:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A young man in a thoughtful mood.

Tayyib Ali from his childhood remained absorbed in thoughts. He was always pondering over some or the other problems. In school/collage days, he was always busy with his studies and was on the look out to show his talent and calibre. Here he got a chance; during emergency he got selected for commission and opted for intelligence corps.

While serving in operational/forward area, he found some torn-out pieces of paper near the bank of a canal, adjacent to enemy borders. He collected and joined these papers, which were thrown away by the enemy (in hurry). These papers contained enemy’s plan for attack. Yayyib after carefully study of these papers and took them to his commander; (who mobilised his trap). Enemy man of attack proved futile, as the Armed troops on our side were fully prepared, hence our country won the day.

Picture# 08:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: soldier climbing up a steep hill.

During Indian aggression in 1971, President of Pakistan appealed to young-men to come forward and volunteer their services for “Motherland”. Shoaib, who was studying in final year B.A, took-up the army entrance exam and was finally selected for an emergency commissioned officer. Shoaib had a burning desire to give the enemy a crushing defeat.

After necessary training, he volunteered for active service. One day his CO ordered him to re-capture the post, taken over by the enemy last week. He planned his strategy and order his platoon to move close to a steep-hill (to take the object clear). It was a cumbersome and hazardous task to climb and cross over the steep-hill; but he infused spirit in his men and they were able to climb-up the hill. At mid-night they attacked and took the enemy by surprise. Enemy took their heels and left the post in utter confusion.

Picture# 09:

Solved Picture Story Writing in ISSB

Scene: A lady is lying in bed.

Sahil’s father was a businessman in Lahore and his mother was a patient of cancer. He was serving his mother whole-heartedly and simultaneously was studying hard for MBBS entrance examination. One day, while in coaching class, he got message that his mother’s condition has deteriorated and she desired that her son and husband should come to her immediately. The doctor was at once called, so was an advocate.

Sahil’s mother told that she wanted to dictate a “Will” as her last time was approaching fast. Her last desire was that her son should go abroad for higher studies and do research in cancer. Her husband consented and Sahil specialized in curing patients and fulfilled his mother’s last wish. After study from abroad Sahil treat all of cancer patients.

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sindh police it cadre pts
sindh police it cadre pts

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